Best Anime/Manga Antagonists!

Protagonists are cool and all but we all know a well made antagonist will be a fan favorite. They usually look much cooler and have a more unique personality. So let’s take a look at some of the top anime and manga antagonists! Meruem (HunterxHunter) When we think of popular antagonists one of the first... Continue Reading →

10 Badass Female Anime Characters

Mainly when there is a female protagonist in an anime they are shy and always needing help from the male characters. Because of this it is important that we recognize the powerful female characters who do not need a man! Characters like these are important especially for women to see as so many useless and... Continue Reading →

5 Best Tropes in Anime!

We went through the worst anime tropes and now we will discuss the best! Although possibly overused and very predictable these are the anime tropes we have come to love! 1. Yandere Yandere are a widely discussed topic among the community. It is a character who goes from cute and sweet to bat shit crazy... Continue Reading →

5 Worst Tropes in Anime

As anime and manga fans we are very familiar with the hundreds of common tropes. There are well loved tropes as well as extremely hated ones. It also depends on the person and their interests. I have seen some posts going around discussing their favorite and least favorite tropes and I think this is an... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Best Places to Buy Manga

I am always trying to introduce people to manga and know it can be a bit confusing or overwhelming when first wanting to start a manga collection. Where are the best deals? Where can I find older, more rare manga? Which websites are safe and easy to buy from online? Well I am here to... Continue Reading →

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