Shounen vs Seinen Anime/Manga!

The battle of all battles, shounen vs seinen. Most otaku's enjoy both however have one that they prefer more than the other. For me, the easy winner is seinen. I enjoy more detailed stories and character development. Stories that will make viewers really think or give them a mind fuck. That being said all of... Continue Reading →

Best Anime/Manga Antagonists!

Protagonists are cool and all but we all know a well made antagonist will be a fan favorite. They usually look much cooler and have a more unique personality. So let’s take a look at some of the top anime and manga antagonists! Meruem (HunterxHunter) When we think of popular antagonists one of the first... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Best Places to Buy Manga

I am always trying to introduce people to manga and know it can be a bit confusing or overwhelming when first wanting to start a manga collection. Where are the best deals? Where can I find older, more rare manga? Which websites are safe and easy to buy from online? Well I am here to... Continue Reading →

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