Anime/Manga I Dropped

Since I have shared my favorite anime and manga I thought it only fair to show you ones that I have disliked or dropped. I find these videos or posts really interesting and sometimes helpful because sometimes when a series is very hyped and praised people will read or watch it based off of theContinue reading “Anime/Manga I Dropped”

Top 5 Manga!

Now onto manga which is my preferred choice to anime at the moment. That being said I have read much less manga and have not completed many full series so this list is due to change eventually. Comment some manga recommendations down below! Also yes that is my collection in the top picture. Vinland SagaContinue reading “Top 5 Manga!”

My Top 5 Manga/Anime

Time to judge! If you are going to read my views on manga/anime I feel it is right for you to understand my taste and as I said judge me…. I am ready Vinland Saga! Coming in at number one is Vinland Saga. This show completely shocked me. I am not any sort of historyContinue reading “My Top 5 Manga/Anime”