My First Manhwa! The Breaker Omnibus 1 Review!

You heard it right, this is the first Manhwa (korean manga) I have ever read. I just got into manga a year ago and haven’t really ventured into other realms. I was at Barnes and Noble and saw the hot guy on the cover of course, flipped through the pages and saw the amazing art,Continue reading “My First Manhwa! The Breaker Omnibus 1 Review!”

The real people behind Vinland Saga characters!

Vinland Saga is my favorite anime and manga for many reasons. It was written by Makoto Yukimara who states himself that he was always fascinated with viking history and culture. He puts interesting information about this in the manga as well from how vikings traveled, slept, and cooked their food which I really enjoy andContinue reading “The real people behind Vinland Saga characters!”

Similarities in Shadows House and Promised Neverland!? (spoilers)

So I finished Shadows House season 1 and read a little further into the manga and honestly I can’t help but see the similarities to Promised Neverland. Not saying it copied the former or anything but as a very unique plot and concept I can’t help but see some connection and I wanted to knowContinue reading “Similarities in Shadows House and Promised Neverland!? (spoilers)”

Top 10 Favorite Anime Characters

Hello! Welcome to another top 10 list of my all time favorite anime characters. Manga characters coming next. Also I already there will be few if any females on this list but it is what it is….. This is not in any order because that would be impossible Light Yagami I have mentioned Light andContinue reading “Top 10 Favorite Anime Characters”

How to turn your friends/family into weebs!

Most of us weebs know the struggle of having nobody in our personal lives who are also anime/manga fans. Not only that but your friends and family may even make fun of you for being apart of this culture! Well, I am here to give you some tips on how to turn your friends andContinue reading “How to turn your friends/family into weebs!”

Sorry for being away/ Anime Tag!

First off I want to say sorry for not posting in so long.. I get very overwhelmed with work and general life that its hard for me to get in the right headspace at times. That being said my motivation is back and I am going to try my best to post a couple timesContinue reading “Sorry for being away/ Anime Tag!”

Top 10 Psychological Anime!

Psychological anime is easily my favorite genre so whenever I hear a premise that is dark, depressing, and will put my mind into a spiral I am all in! This is my top 10 list based on the anime I have seen. Hopefully this gives you psychology lovers some new anime! Also this list isContinue reading “Top 10 Psychological Anime!”

Lets talk… Record of Ragnarok

Lets all just take a moment of silence for yet another greatly disappointing anime that easily could have been a masterpiece. It truly feels like the entire Otaku community took a massive L. The anime adaptation to Record of Ragnarok is said to be just as bad or worse than Berserk or the Seven DeadlyContinue reading “Lets talk… Record of Ragnarok”

Lets Talk “To Your Eternity”…. (spoilers)

To Your Eternity is an anime that is currently blowing up. Everyone is talking about and praising this anime to the point where almost every review I have seen gives it either a 9 or 10. I debated for a few weeks whether I wanted to watch this anime or not considering it is usuallyContinue reading “Lets Talk “To Your Eternity”…. (spoilers)”