Seasonal Anime Review: Tribe Nine!

This anime was one I knew I wanted to check out but did not have high expectations for. Two episodes have come out and although it is way too soon to see if I will like it or not I will say it has surprised me in a great way! Especially the second episode.


Tribe Nine is set in Neo Tokyo where gangs or tribes rule the land. It was getting so bad in the town they decided to settle the tribe fights with a new game called extreme baseball! It is similar to baseball except you can fight and attack the runner and there are no pop outs or home runs so even if the ball is hit miles away you must go get it!

The premise seems simple and funny but it is seemingly more deep. The first episode we get introduced to two characters not yet in a tribe who come into contact with tribe nine who happen to be the top extreme baseball team therefore practically leading all of the tribes of neo Tokyo.

We have this tribe of friends who get along and argue just like any friend group. Then in episode two we find out that things are about to get much more serious and most likely life threatening. It is not just about extreme baseball but the crime organizations and government and how all of that will tie into the show.


The animation is really nice and clean. All of the characters look unique and cool along with the city of Neo Tokyo. Obviously when playing extreme baseball the animation and action is really cool and exciting! Then in the last episode we also got some dark killing. The show definitely brings you into a different world.


Our characters are very different and complement each other well. We have our main character and best extreme baseball player Kamiya Shun. He seems very chill and has a coffee addiction but is very serious when needed. He was known as “the destroyer” before the gang world turned to extreme baseball and was all about fighting so you know he can kick ass!

Then we have the newbies Taiga, the comical character who is all about being cool and over the top. Haru is the opposite being more of a loner his whole life. He likes studying and is very shy but is warming up to his new life meeting these new friends who stuck up for him and taught him how to be confident!

Our main female is Saori. She is tough, a good cook, great at extreme baseball, and practically holds the group together. The other characters have not been shown too much but all have a unique personality.

Then we have our antagonist, Oujirou, who is chosen to lead Neo Tokyo and destroying tribes without a second thought in order to do so. Next on his list is tibe nine….

I definitely recommend this show and am looking forward to where it goes from here!

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