Sunday Anime Madness! Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan!

The anime gods are truly spoiling us with new Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan episodes every Sunday! Not only that but all of these episodes have been an easy 10/10! Lets discuss the latest episodes! Spoilers ahead.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer has always been an anime I have enjoyed but never one of my favorite anime or one I am very excited to watch each week. That has definitely changed with this new season! Mugen Train stepped up the level of Demon Slayer and the Entertainment District Arc has stepped it up even a little more!

We got comedy in the first few episodes and introduced to Tengen! The main demon of this Arc has been Daki. She seems pretty tough but not on the level of upper rank demons we have seen previously. While the others are busy, Tanjiro and Nezuko both get power ups and are completely manhandling Daki!

This is really cool to see but some problems arise as Nezuko starts being more demon than human and loses touch of herself even hurting Tanjiro! Tanjiro has problems himself having a hard time controlling his new powers.

They are in a tough spot when Tengen bursts in and beheads Daki with no stamina lost. Then out of nowhere comes another upper rank demon Daki calls “onichan” or brother. This demon is clearly above Daki in power level and uses cool blood bending techniques! The fact that Tengen is struggling a bit shows his true power and worst yet him and Daki are fighting together! Seems next episode we will get Inosuke and Zenitsu will join the fight! We have yet to see the two fight really this season so this is about to be one insane fight!

The past few episodes of Demon Slayer have been absolute 10/10 episodes! With half the season over I am really interested to see where the season will go from here. I am assuming and hoping we will see more about Tanjiro’s dad who apparently fought Muzan!

Attack on Titan

I am very sad yet excited for the ending of Attack on Titan. I believe no matter the ending that this anime will be looked at as a masterpiece from here on out and deserve the title. Everything about the past few seasons has been 10/10! Maapa is bringing absolute great animation and anyone hating them or sending threats are out of line and should watch something else then. You can tell how much work they are putting in to make this an amazing anime.

The intro is possibly my favorite in all of attack on titan! I love the screamo and all of the cool stuff happening that just makes you excited and nervous for the season! The first two episodes have pretty much been an all out war!

Eren has been taking a lot of hits hardly being able to stand. We see him and Reiner in yet another fight in their titan forms. We have Piecks cannon just blasting everyone and our cast of Eldians pretty much being slaughtered….

Then we have Zeke’s intro being hype as hell and calling Eren brother which was weirdly wholesome to see. If the two come in contact everything is pretty much over… In top of that if Zeke screams everyone including Falco will turn into titans so there is a lot at stake here.

Our main cast has gotten out of jail and deciding to help Eren.. possibly? Hearing everything from the manga fans it seems everything will not go smoothly.

We also have Gabi and Falco finally reuniting and Gabi FINALLY coming to the realization that the people on the island are not devils but people just like them and that this war was pretty much all over nothing. Good job for Gabi on finally realizing that and now she is not as hated as I previously thought her. Although even when I hated her I knew she had valid reasons to think and behave as she did.

Eren is pulling a Light Yagami and being the antagonist of his own show at this point seemingly not caring about what even Mikasa and Armin think. And also what is going to happen with Levi and Hange!? I know they are going to make an insane appearance.

These episodes have been insane and after this season is over I might have to change my top 5 because Attack on Titan seems pretty deserving of that spot right now!

Let me know your thoughts about Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan!

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