Tokyo 24th Ward Anime Review/First Impressions!

Out of the few seasonal anime I am watching this season, Tokyo 24th Ward was one that caught my eye. It is an original anime and the first episode was an hour long premiere!


Set on a manmade island where crime runs galore, we have three friends who one get a phone call from their friend who had died last year. The phone call gave each person unique new abilities and warned them about a tragic accident that was going to happen. Have you heard of the ethical train dilemma? A train is on the fritz and the breaks are not working. There is a person in front of the tracks. Would you switch the train onto a different rail thus killing everyone on that train, or would you let the train hit the person on the tracks instead killing only one instead of many people on the train? Would your decision change if the person on the tracks was somebody you knew?

This is a question asked in ethics classes and was a big part of this first episode. The powers, phone call from a dead friend, and unique premise definitely add a lot to look forward to! That being said there was very little world building so I am still curious to find that out.


The art is nothing spectacular but not bad at all either. The characters are very unique and appealing looking. The food looked delicious! The fighting and parkour scenes were pretty well executed as well! One of the characters starts running on trains and jumping from building to building and that is cool to see.


As stated before the characters are all very different in personality and looks which is nice. They all recently graduated high school and are trying to figure their lives out.

Shuta: Wanted to be a hero and protect others his whole life until one accident where he failed to save someone crushed that dream. Skills – Fighting, bravery, parkour

Ran: Rebel and up and coming youtube star! Skills – Hacking, internet personality, art, and drinking numerous amounts of energy drinks.

Koki: Son of the mayor and interning with a police force hunting down Ran. Skills – Brains, strategy, money

This group of friends with their new superhuman abilities can get a shot at being hero’s once again after getting tips from a mysterious caller…

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  1. Yeah, the first episode was quite a bit better than I was expecting. I really enjoyed it. Like you said, the main characters are really unique, and I also thought that the story was more complex than what I was expecting. This first episodes was definitely a happy surprise and I’m looking forward to the series to come.

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