What to Expect from Vinland Saga Season Two!

Hello! Vinland Saga manga reader here. As this series is one of my top manga and top anime I am very excited for season two to be coming out this year! I have already seen the numerous comments from people warning that anime only viewers who loved the first season will not like the second season. Today I am going to explore this topic and let you know what to expect from season two with no spoilers.

Character Development

There is almost no manga or anime that does character development better than Vinland Saga and the next season is the reason why. Of course we had character development in season two but nowhere near what you will see in season two.

Sadly, there were some great characters that died in season one, which may turn some people off. That being said a lot of the main characters are still followed in the series and some new main characters are added who each bring some enjoyable traits themselves. ‘

new characters


The main reason manga readers claim people will not enjoy season two is that unlike season one, the plot does stray away from vikings, fighting, and war. It is a different change of pace, but after all season one was simply a prequel showing what leads to Thorfinn’s growth.

That being said the past is not forgotten and there are certainly more fights and great action scenes to come. Vinland Saga is not some battle shounen and although those things were cool to see, what makes it an amazing and well written story is following these characters as they change and grow and seeing them get over past traumas. But again, don’t worry there is still action and fights just a different focus.


As Thorfinn was gone travelling for a long while. This season we will see many characters we have not seen since the very beginning of the anime. Along with this we will see characters we know and love who may not have seen each other in awhile unite in unusual circumstances as well. Its always nice to see how people have grown and happy when people come together after a long time.

Amazing Artwork

Not surprisingly season two will have amazing artwork. With less action we get to see different aspects of the Vinland Saga world and its nature. Some scenes in the manga gave me complete butterflies and I can not wait to see it adapted. Along with that we will see how the characters look after some years of growing older and how the new characters will look! The trailer itself looks awesome!


The main story of Vinland Saga is in fact a journey to the uninhabited country of Vinland. Finally we will start to see the beginnings of this journey and how the gang plans to get there and what to do once they get there! Of course, the journey to Vinland will not come easy….

Well there you have it! I urge every anime only to check out season two and see what you think for yourselves. Yes, there are many changes from the first part of the series, but they are changes in the right direction!

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