Will Attack on Titan be Considered a Masterpiece After the Final Season!?

After years and years, the final season of Attack on Titan is upon us. There are many conflicting thoughts that the season is coming to an end. Excitement obviously because after so long we will get to see how this story ends. Then we have sadness because that means no more new seasons or seeing our favorite characters on screen or in the manga. Lastly, with this show in particular there is a lot of nervousness and conflicts. Being an anime only watcher to this show, I have no clue what is in store, although sadly I got spoiled on a major part.. No spoilers please! But in usual manga reader fasion, they have been warning everyone else about the disappointment and depression of the ending for a while now. Since the first season people have debated about Attack on Titan being a masterpiece or not. So, let’s explore that question.

Season 1

Season one of Attack on Titan brought us typical shounen action and traumatic pasts with a twist. While having the classis shounen tropes and main character, giant titans killing hundreds of thousands of humans was definitely a unique plot. We also had Mikasa who is not the typical female side charatcer. She was in fact stronger and braver than most of the male characters including Eren, the main character.

While season one had some world building and hints of politics, it’s main focus was action and the titan’s destroying humanity. Season one alone did not earn the show masterpiece status and seemed like it would still be another good shounen anime.

Season 2

Season two gave viewers the complete opposite feel of season one. Although there was still great action including fights between people changing into their titan forms. The main focus of season two was world building and politics. This made is seem a little slower or less entertaining but is much needed for the story. While watching I was a but confused at times where the story was going. They are giving us all of this new information that changes the story of the titans and the towns behind the walls completely. So where will this go from here? To be honest I had assumed it would end up being an anime that got way too complicated in story lines and ruined the premise. I had even dropped season two at one point. That being said looking back on it now this season was very important to the show But again, did not make Attack on Titan a masterpiece.

Season 3

Season three was like the shining star of Attack on Titan. There are many criticisms for every other season but the general consensus is that season three was a masterpiece in itself. And I agree! We had amazing artwork, character development, all of the world building coming together into a solid storyline, and an all out titan vs humanity war! The entire season was a mixture of immense hype mixed with sadness of the characters lives that were lost. After season three the expectations of Attack on Titan grew tenfold. Viewers had followed these characters lives for so long they grew a deep emotional connection. We had the beast titan throwing rocks, Erwin leading is squad into doom and never reaching his goal, and Levi doing the coolest shit as always. Mikasa, Eren, Armin, and even Reiner grew a lot as well and it was great to watch. Then the ending with the characters seeing the ocean was very emotional. For me, this is one of my favorite seasons of anime I have ever watched.

Season 4 Part 1

All of this leads to season four part one. This season had some mixed reviews but was generally received positively. There was a pretty big time skip and we are focused mainly on a completely different location and set of characters as the previous seasons. While this main seem like a lot at once. it was important to the story as viewers finally get to see the other side of the world and the other side of the story in general. The concept was very unique and interesting bringing up the idea that both sides have their own story and perspective and depending whose story you have followed along with or listened to the most is who you agree with. The show made Gabi and Falco, enemies of Eren and the world we had come to know the main characters now.

Gabi is possibly one of the most hated characters in anime at the moment, and I see why and actually agree. However, It brings the perspective that if the show followed Gabi and her life instead of Eren, we would see Eren and Levi as evil ones and dislike them. In fact, Gabi is literally the mainlands Eren. The show brought up great points about humanity in general and how we are raised to hate or fear certain people or groups without knowing the full truth and that is a very powerful thing.

There are characters like Falco who realize this and come to the conclusion that neither side is bad they are simply fighting for their own lives and what was taught. They are all pawns in a game raised to hate. We also have Reiner who knows better than anyone both sides of the story and feels conflicted. Then we have Gabi who seemingly will never learn or shut up about hating the other side, but may eventually come to the realization as everyone else. These are all realistic ways that people react to situations like this for example war or race.

Season four may have been a bit over the place but brought such a unique perspective and ideology that I have not seen in any other anime or tv show for that matter. Safe to say most viewers also are not liking the change of Eren at this point but either way the fights and politics were awesome.

What makes an anime a masterpiece?

This question can be different for each person, but lets talk about what makes an anime a masterpiece and see if Attack on Titan falls into this category thus far. When thinking of masterpieces they are not always popular or the top selling, which Attack on Titan already is. The anime needs to give you emotion, make you think, bring you into the world, and possibly most importantly be remembered for years after watching the anime. There needs to be few plot holes and great animation and character development. For some, having a good and concluding ending is important for making an anime a masterpiece. Some can really enjoy an anime and even rate it a 10/10 but even that will not make it a masterpiece.

With all of that being said, do you think attack on titan thus far is a masterpiece? Do you think the ending will determine if it is one or not?

My opinion

My personal opinion is that I do believe Attack on Titan is and will always be a masterpiece regardless of the final season. This anime and manga has captured the hearts of millions and will always be remembered and talked about. The amazing action mixed with unique and detailed storyline and politics make this anime soar above almost any other in it’s category. Even having such determined haters is an accomplishment! As far as the ending goes, of course I would like a good ending but even if life things do not have good endings. Even if the ending is shit I will still love the show for what it was and always remember it. Think of Game of Thrones which is my favorite show and pretty similar to Attack on Titan with the storyline and politics. The last season is generally hated and a huge disappointment but those people who watched still love and talk about the show and see it as an overall amazing show!

I am excited to watch this season alongside all of my fellow Otaku’s and see where the story goes. Let me know your opinions down below!

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