10 Reasons to Read Eyeshield 21! A football manga!?

Eyeshield 21 is a pretty well known manga. Anyone who is a fan of sports and manga will probably recommend this anime. I have been collecting the series of 37 volumes for around a year now and finally completed it! It is definitely one of the coolest series in my collection and one I am very proud to have. It is not the easiest series to collect but also very doable. Here are 10 reasons to read the american football manga Eyeshield 21!

1 . Art

Obviously art is very important in manga and especially in a high movement sports manga. The art in Eyeshield 21 is some of the most unique and creative art I have seen in any manga. There are so many different teams, characters, and different football moves that are beautifully done and make the manga that much better. For a team called the Sphinx, for example the players are drawn as egyptians or pharaohs. The dinosaurs are drawn as giant t-rexs’ when they are playing hard on the field. It is really cool to see! The covers are all awesome as well and very unique.

2. Characters

As stated before there are many teams and football teams have many players. That being said I love how unique even characters who are shown for a few chapters are. Everyone has completely different looks, personalities, and skills! There is a favorite character for everyone without a doubt. Not to mention 99% of them are attractive guys if you are into that. Aside from the football aspect you get to see these characters interact a lot with each other and even get lots of fun background information on their personal lives! My personal favorite character is Shin. But there are so many amazing characters I love or find funny.

3. Comedy

While this is a sports manga there is quite a lot of comedy involved. The characters different personalities mesh in a very entertaining way. Even on the field they like to joke around or try to get under the other teams skins. Their facial expressions are also very funny as if they are reacting to the story along with the reader. I can almost guarantee each volume will leave you laughing a few times.

4. Football!

From what I can tell it is pretty rare that their is a manga about American football. It happens to be my favorite sport so it was pretty cool hearing these plays and terms that I am familiar with used in a manga. I really enjoy seeing the different moves and skill sets and different ways games are won and lost. That being said even people who are not familiar with football at all will be able to understand with no issues. Everything is explained and very easy to understand.

5. Tournament Arc

Practically this whole manga is a tournament arc. The Devilbats are trying to make it to the christmas bowl and need to beat many teams in order to do so. We follow this underdog team starting with 2 players and they end up becoming a legit football team who can win big games! It is hard to not get hype from that. We also see many characters like Sena, develop from a scared kid who has never played football to a confident all star running back! You will be rooting for certain players as if they are actually your friends.

6. Lessons

The story in this manga is also very well written. We have characters who were bullied and never good at sports, being included in this team and depended on by others. We also have delinquents who never had a place putting themselves on the line for their new friends. Their is romance and rivalries and everything in between! We get to know the characters feelings and motives and watch them change throughout even one football game. There is even a portion that dives into race and how that played a part in early football. There is a lot of stress and pain involved in playing sports whether it is accepting loss, making mistakes, or being sat on the bench and you will get to see a little bit of all of this.

7. Attractive Characters

My boy Shin

As stated before there are many attractive characters and you will get to see some abs and them in their football uniforms and working out! This is by far not a recurrent thing that takes away from the story but it is nice when you see it. There is a taste for everyone! All of the female managers and cheerleaders are also very attractive.

8. Fan Interaction

Each volume in this manga has questions for fans or random little facts or games about the players which is very cool to me. You will know their birthdays, what is inside their backpacks, and even what their phone screen savors are! Although this doesn’t really add to the story I think it is really cool and funny to see and make you feel even closer to these characters. There are even some fan polls included so you can see how other readers are thinking of the characters!

9. The Mystery

For about the first half of this manga, the identity of our main character eyeshield 21 is a complete mystery to everyone except the readers and 2 characters. This is an interesting concept I have not seen much of and adds a new level of comedy and suspense. Will his identity be discovered? Is he only confident as eyeshield?

10. Complete story and ending

Something about most manga is that the ending is too rushed, too slow, or just no ending at all with no closure. Eyeshield 21 is a straight story the whole way through with a solid conclusion that will leave you satisfied! However when the journey is over you will really miss the characters….

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