Ranking Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Parts

Due to the new release of Jojo’s part 6, I thought it would be fun to go over all of the parts and rank them from my least to most favorite! This is all based on my personal opinions and preferences. Although Stone Ocean has only 12 episodes thus far I will still be putting it in this ranking. I will be going from my least to most favorite, hope you enjoy!

6. Part 4 “Diamond is Unbreakable”

This is sure to be a very controversial opinion because part 4 is a very beloved part. Although it is my least favorite of the bunch, I still very much enjoyed the characters and aesthetics. What makes part 4 my least favorite part is the fact that I am someone who cares a lot about a good storyline. For me, this part felt like almost an entire season of filler. While it was comical and a nice change of pace to the very long part 3, I would just get bored most episodes and wonder where the story will go. Once Kira came into play I really enjoyed that story arc but for the most part I felt the episodes had no meaning.

Favorite character: Mikitaka Hazekura

Favorite stand: Bad Company

5. Part 1 “Phantom Blood”

Part 1 is known for being “bad” compared to the other Jojo parts. It did come as a shock to me because I was expecting stands and Jonathan Joestar whom I had thought was the only Jojo and the series was focused on him (silly me). While this part was drastically different from the others, I enjoyed it! We get to see Dio in his childhood and all of the chaotic events that led to the Jojo series we know and love now! The dynamic between Dio and Jonathan is very interesting and unique. That mixed with the vampire and fights that happened at the end made for a pretty interesting series! We also meet Speedwagon who is a classic character. Do not skip this part!

Favorite character: Dio Brando

4. Part 2 “Battle Tendencies”

Part 2 brings us Jonathan Joestar and the use of powers that will eventually turn into stands. The story arc was really good and all of the characters were funny and enjoyable. I remember enjoying this part a lot and loving Caesar and Jonathan however besides that it is kind of forgettable for me and that is why is is my 4th favorite part in the series.

Favorite character: Jonathan Joestar

3. Part 3 “Stardust Crusaders”

Part 3 brings us all what we have been waiting for, stands! And a lot of them at that. Jonathan is still in the series along with his grandson Jotaro who seems to have a completely opposite personality. Them along with the other main characters who go on this adventure make for a very fun and entertaining journey. The story was really fun and exciting meeting so many new characters and stands. That being said, the big drawback of this season was the length. I would need to take month breaks at time just to reset and be ready again for the Jojo universe. Some episodes were more filler like but in general it stuck to a good story and had a solid ending. Jotaro vs Dio is one of the coolest fights of any season in my opinion.

Favorite character: Jotaro Kujo (Polnareff was a close tie)

Favorite Stand: Star Platinum ( had to but death thirteen is my second favorite)

2. Part 6 “Stone Ocean”

Coming in second place is the most recent release “Stone Ocean”. I did not have high hopes for this season for some reason however it took me by surprise! I think the mainly woman cast is a cool change of pace and the prison setting is awesome! We also get to see what Jotaro has been up to and meet his daughter. This part has a lot of cool stands and many mysteries yet to be discovered. I am really excited to see where this part goes from here!

Favorite character: Emporio Alinino (baseball boy)

Favorite Stand: Weather Report

1.Part 5 “Golden Wind”

After part 4 I had thought I might not like Jojo all that much, however part 5 completely changed that! Set in Italy following a cast of mafia leaders with stands! You can not get much cooler than that. I am Italian so it was extra interesting to me. All of the characters have dark pasts which led them to this life and they are practically family to each other. They go on cool missions fighting against other stand users and always have each others backs. Giorno is my favorite Jojo and Bruno is one of the best non Jojo’s of any season. I truly loved every single character in this part. Every episode had meaning and followed a direct storyline and I just loved every bit of it! Although Jojo is not one of my top anime series, part 5 is one of my favorite seasons of anime I have watched which says a lot.

Favorite character: Guido Mista

Favorite Stand: Sex Pistols ( how can you not love them and their personalities?)

There we have it, my rankings of parts 1-6 of Jojo’s Bizarre adventure! This series is not in my top 10 but very close and I love how unique it is in the anime world. I am excited to keep watching and see what happens in this crazy world. Let me know what your favorite and least favorite parts are as well as characters and stands! Subscribe down below for more content 🙂

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