Top Five Hidden Gem Anime to Watch on Netflix!

We all know and love netflix, but when it comes to anime, netflix is extremely hit or miss. There are many amazing, appalling, and pretty mid anime on netflix so it can get a bit overwhelming. They have most of the big and popular anime like One Piece, Demon Slayer, Naturo, and so on but there are many unpopular or less widely known anime that are worth the watch!

1. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats was released in 2010 and has kind of been forgotten the past few years. Our main character dies and wakes up in this world that is the afterlife for teenagers who had deep trauma in their lives. This afterlife world has turned into an all out civil war with a government established to defeat the mysterious girl with powers “angel”. It may seem like a typical anime however it is actually really deep and sad. There are teenagers with guns, explosives, and death traps. You will see these characters sad backgrounds, see some die, and also underside each side of this civil war making it a lose lose battle. Angel Beats is a must watch if you want an anime that that will evoke emotion.

2. Cardcaptor Sakura

This anime was released in 1999 and follows the story of a girl who released a magic seal and releases spirits into the world. Now she has to collect all these spirits before they destroy the world! This shoujo anime gives a little bit of everything from action, to comedy, to romance. The art style is very old school but in a good and nostalgic way. This is not your typical magical girl anime and will leave you wanting more after each episode.

3. Dorohedoro

This anime is sort of well known due to its popular manga however the anime is not talked about nearly as much. Set in the “hole” where laws are not followed and magic runs ablaze, the characters get into some wild adventures. Gritty gore and death combined with comedy makes this a seinen that can not be ignored.

4. Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica is a very critically acclaimed anime said to have started the magical girl with a dark twist trope after sailor moon. What you think will be cute girls with magical powers and a cute animal as their guide turns very dark and deadly. Although not the most well written or entertaining story ever, it is well worth the watch for adding a dark twist to the seemingly cute and happy magical girl trope.

5. March Comes in Like a Lion

This is a seinen anime following a young shogi player who although one of the most elite in Japan, struggles with things such as socializing. He moves out on his own and comes into contact with three sisters the opposite of his personality. The sisters try to show the main character, Rei how to get out of this lonely state while dealing with their own dark pasts. This anime will make you feel all of the emotions as you venture into the world of Rei and how he deals with the pressures of being a professional shogi player alongside dealing with loneliness and pressures of the outside world.

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