5 Best Tropes in Anime!

We went through the worst anime tropes and now we will discuss the best! Although possibly overused and very predictable these are the anime tropes we have come to love!

1. Yandere

Yandere are a widely discussed topic among the community. It is a character who goes from cute and sweet to bat shit crazy in a moments time. Love or hate yandere they almost always make the anime more appealing in some way. They make for very interesting and sometimes comical characters. Some people even see yandere as sexy and appealing take that as you will. It is a nice contrast to the Tsundere character which can be annoying when constantly being shown in anime. There is even a game called “Yandere Simulator” where people can roleplay as a yandere!

2. Training Montage!

Wether a weak character is getting strong or a strong character is learning a new skill, everybody loves a good training montage! Seasoned anime watches will be able to predict a training mintage from a mile away. As we watch the characters we feel the build up and as if we are getting stronger with them! This is also usually included with some awesome pump up music.

3. Tournament Arc

Th tournament arcs are often the best arcs of the anime. The build up, the fights, and the hype make the viewer feel as if they are competing or watching the super bowl! When a tournament arc is done right it is very hard to beat when it comes to entertainment value.

4. Pet companions

While some pet companions are more loved than others, most anime fans agree that having one on the show just adds that extra level of cuteness! It makes the viewer want their own animal companion who is also like a best friend to the main character. These pets usually will do anything for the characters including risk their lives. They also tend to add comedy aspects the show that is more funny coming from a little talking animal.

5. Character going insane look

When the camera starts zooming in on an anime characters forehead and they have crazy eyes you know shit is about to go down! It is like going into the characters mind and watching them slowly fall into insanity. This look makes the viewers themselves unsettled but also excited to see what this character will do next. It is especially terrifying when sed character was previously acting calm and nice before revealing their true selves. This is something than anime does extremely well!

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