5 Worst Tropes in Anime

As anime and manga fans we are very familiar with the hundreds of common tropes. There are well loved tropes as well as extremely hated ones. It also depends on the person and their interests. I have seen some posts going around discussing their favorite and least favorite tropes and I think this is an interesting topic to explore and discuss! Here are my list of the worst or most annoying topes in anime and manga! Drunkenanimeblog.com is on of the inspirations for this post and her post is great so go check that out as well!

1. Incest

This is definitely the most common disliked trope for obvious reasons. It can ruin the enjoyment of watching or reading the material even if it is a great story. Not only is sexualizing family members not entertaining but the usual characters involved are also children or young teens. We have parent/child sexualization, cousins, and by far the most common, the imoto or little sister. I have no clue what the fascination on this topic is but it makes most viewers very uncomfortable and usually has no place in the story at all.

2. Talking/Going into flashback during a big fight

There are so many anime that are guilty of this trope and it is always extremely annoying and frustrating. We have episodes of building up between a fight between two powerful characters and right before the fight we get an episode or two episode flashback!? Yes Naruto may win the prize for the amount of this trope in the anime however there are so many anime that do this. It completely loses the anticipation and excitement of the fight and more so just makes the viewer angry. Talking during a fight is possibly even more annoying because in what world are two people who hate each other and are fighting to the death just going to stand there while the other person has a 20 minute dialogue!?

3. Weak female characters

Many anime fans dislike this trope as it is almost expected at this point that the main female characters, even ones who have powers, are useless in fighting and rely on the male character for protection. There is nothing wrong for some characters to behave this way as it is their personality but it gets painful to watch when almost every female character in shounen ends up being weak. Especially to females, this can be degrading and hard to find a likeable female character who represents a strong independent woman figure. When there is a powerful female character who can kick ass on her own and sometimes even better than the men that almost always gives the anime more appeal.

4. Characters on the brink of death and developing a new power out of nowhere

I love Fairy Tail but its definitely guilty of this

Again, the main target of this trope is shounen. A character said to be much weaker than their opponent has been defeated and out of nowhere just by pure resilience or the power of friendship the defeated character gets 100x stronger and defeats the opponent. This completely takes away any future worry for this character or any other in the anime because we know they simply will not die or lose. It seems like a cheat and poorly written way out of a fight, especially when that power is not used again throughout the whole series, its sole purpose being to survive that fight. This also makes the antagonist seem very weak and useless to the story.

5. Back from the dead/Never actually died

Have you ever seen an anime character get stabbed repeatedly or shot and are presumed dead, body floating away in the river? Well there is a 99% chance that character did not actually die. It is an anime rule in fact that if their is no body or funeral seen, the character is not dead! Of course this can be a good thing if it is a well liked character however it brings many problems with the storyline and world in general. Not only are there characters who can miraculously live through insane injuries, but there are also characters who do die but then are brought back to life in ridiculous ways that defeats the whole purpose of that character dying and what lead to it. This ruins story immersion because viewers know a character will just be brought back.

So this was 5 of the top worst tropes in anime and manga. Let me know what your least favorite tropes are! Thanks for reading. Next post will be my favorite anime tropes!

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