Most Anticipated Manga Releases 2022!

Okay so I did the most anticipated anime of 2022 and now its time for my personal favorite, manga! Subscribe down below if you want to see more. I am also going to add if i think I will buy the manga next year just for fun. If I say no probably because it is not the type of genre I tend to read but you never know!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Kodansha)

From the creators of Seven Deadly Sins and seemingly in the same universe as that comes a spin off! The story is about a boy named Percival who after some unforeseen circumstances is left on his own and has no choice but to journey out into the world. I am sure fans of SDS are very excited for this series! Will I buy? Probably not

Demon Slayer: Stories of Water and Flame (Viz)

Guys… We have a story about Giyu and and Kyojuro teaming up and slaying demons across Japan. I am not even an over fanatic Demon Slayer fan but the writers are definitely giving us what we want and need from this. I am very excited and know this will be a big release. Will I buy? Yes!

Assassins Creed Dynasty (Tokyo Pop)

I honestly know nothing about Assassins Creed but I am sure this will be a pretty cool collectors items for fans and possibly even a good read for people like me who are unfamiliar. The publisher will be Tokyo Pop so I am curious to see how this turns out. Assassins and Chinese dynasties make for a pretty cool story. Will I buy? Probably not

The Crater (DMP) Ode to Kirihito Omnibus (Vertical)

This is a very interesting release! A combination of short stories by none other than Osamu Tezuka! (writer of astro boy and dororo). In these collections Tezuka brings stories filled with anything from horror, to mystery, to science fiction which we all know he does well. Will I buy? Most likely yes. This is very interesting to me

Record of Ragnarok (Viz)

I am fairly certain most people know what this manga is by now. It was widely known and talked about in all of the other countries it was released in and from people reading the scans. The anime had so much hype around it coming from none other than Netflix… (face palm). I watched and was as disappointed as everyone else. It did stray me a bit from caring about the manga however I am sure the manga will be better. For anyone who doesn’t know it is a war between historical humans and gods to determine the fate of humanity! Definitely a lot of potential there. This is an uncertain one for me but I am glad it will finally be published in english. Will I buy? 70/30 yes but maybe not right away

From the Red Fog (Yen Press)

I have never heard of this manga but it seems to be right up my alley. The story is set in 19th century England and focuses on a boy who has a serial killer as a mother and is forced to live in his basement hidden away from society. Eventually he moves into a nursing where he gets bored of a normal life…. The genres are horror, shounen, psychological, and historical. I am extremely excited about this these are some of my favorite genres and the story seems very dark. Will I buy? 100% yes I am excited!

Under Ninja (DENPA)

Published by DENPA and from the creator of “I Am a Hero” we have Under Ninja. A high school loner turned ninja made to perform assassinations in Tokyo against terrorists. Again I am very interested in this manga even the cover itself looks really cool! I love a good underdog and fighting story. That mixed with the crazy mind of the man who wrote I Am a Hero should make a very interesting read to say the least. Apparently its getting an anime adaptation as well! Will I buy? Hell Yes!

Welcome Back Alice (vertical)

We have another Shuzo Oshimi series!!!!! Creator of Flowers of Evil, Blood on the Tracks, Happiness, and Inside Mari! I have read and loved all of his works but Inside Mari so safe to say I am very excited and did not even know about this release! The manga centers around 3 friends, two boys and a girl, who have been friends since kindergarten. One witnesses an interaction between the other two that will change the friendship forever. No matter what the story is about I know Oshimi will make it twisted in unimaginable ways. Will I buy? Yes, yes, and yes.

Deadpool Samurai (Viz)

So I guess this is a manga about Deadpool going to Japan where he explores and parties in Japan but also joins a samurai force to fight bad guys? Did not expect to see a manga like this but I am sure some people will be excited or at least find it funny. Will I buy? No

Classroom of the Elite Manga ( Seven Seas)

The lite novel turned anime is now becoming a manga series in February 2022! Students at a prestigious school fight and deceive classmates in order to get points and higher in the rankings. This is an already very popular series but I am excited it is being brought to manga form! I enjoyed the anime a lot and have been wanting to get the light novels for so long however I will much prefer the manga. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint! Will I buy? Yes

Darling in the FRANXX Omnibus (Ghost Ship)

I was definitely not expecting this! Just look at Zero Two on that cover… i have actually never watched Darling in the FRANXX and now I am nit sure if I should watch it or read it or maybe both!? Please let me know your opinions on this! Will I buy? 50/50

Dragon Quest the Adventures of Dai (Viz)

I am sure most people are familiar with the huge game and story that is dragon quest. It has a huge and very loyal fanbase so I bet they are excited for the series! Will I buy? No

Alice in Borderland (Viz) Viz is coming out with a lot I see

Alice in Borderland will now be in manga form! We will get to see these crazy death games drawn out and put on the shelf. I know many fans are very excited about this as the netflix show was very popular! I also did not know this is from the same mangaka as Zom 100! Will I buy? No but I did enjoy the show.

Island in a Puddle (Kodansha)

This manga is by Kei Sanbe who wrote Erased. As Erased definitely has its downfalls, I believe the anime strayed from the manga and most people love the story in the original form. The artwork looks very good. This story is about a young man named Minato who is in charge of his younger sister due to their mother hardly being around. One of the mothers visits she seemingly abandoned them on a ferris wheel which is then struck by lightning and Minato, looking at his little sister, sees the corpse of a women looking back. I do not know what to think of that plot however it does interest me. Will I buy? I will listen to some reviews first

Sakamoto Days (Viz)

This is a very popular and highly praised Shounen Jump manga. A former legendary hit man is now living the ordinary family life. He owns a town store and has a wife and child. That is before someone tells him he must go back to being a hitman or die. Will I buy? No but I might read it on the Shounen Jump app

Devil Ecstasy (Does not say publisher)

Another Shuzo Oshimi release! This one follows an 18-year-old virgin who has a trauma of big breasts. (wtf Oshimi). He wanders upon a mysterious brothel where he buys a small breasted woman to lose his virginity. Unbeknownst to him, this woman holds a big secret about the brothel. I do not even know what to this about think about this. It is very funny to me and not something I would usually buy but it is Oshimi… Will I buy? Sadly yes haha

Death Note Short Stories (Viz)

By the creators of Death Note themselves we will get a collection of short stories about people who got the death note after Light. I think this will be really cool and know Death Note fans will be interested in this. Will I buy? Yes

Rooster Fighter (Viz)

This is not exactly highly anticipated but it is funny so I wanted to add it. This manga is about a giant rooster fighting Kaijus in Japan…. I mean what else do you need? Will I buy? No

Tokyo Revengers Omnibus (Seven Seas)

I saved the best for last! After a long wait we will be getting Tokyo Revengers english print in May of 2022! People went crazy for this series and for a very good reason. I am surprised it will be coming out in omnibus form and really hope it will be a nice release! The omnibus will be a 2 in 1 and there will also be a barnes and nobles exclusive of this first omnibus which comes with a variant cover and double sided poster. There will be a new omnibus every three months! I do not even have to add a will I buy because we all know the answer. I am extremely excited about this and to have it in my collection. It will be on pre order as soon as possible! Also the price will be $22.

Well there are some of the main manga releases for the year 2022! This mainly covers January to June so I am sure there will be more announcements coming. That being said this looks like a really good and exciting year for manga and one that will break my bank account! Hope you enjoyed, subscribe down below for more content! Also go to for more releases coming out that were not mentioned!

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