Peachboy Riverside Manga Review! Psychological Fantasy

Peachboy Riverside is one of my favorite manga I am currently reading and that says a lot. I started by watching the anime which I also really enjoyed but as with most anime the manga did it way better. I see very few people knowing about this manga so I wanted to share it and hopefully introduce it to a bigger audience and give some of you another amazing manga to read!


This mangas story has a lot going on with it. What seems from the covers to be a bunch of cute fantasy people in a fantasy world going on adventures is somewhat true but also the complete opposite. Peachboy is a shounen that seems to me more of a seinen and it will most likely surprise you in the best of ways.

We have our main character Sally who has never left her average town. She sets off on a journey to see the outside world very unaware of its dangers. She meets races of people she has never met such as ogres, witches, and demi-humans! Along with these new friends Sally learns about discrimination between races for the first time. She is very childlike in this sense but in a good way as she is open to everyone and wonders why they can not just get along.

On top of all these new things, Sally randomly gets this enormous power when she is around an ogre, one that can kill the ogre in one hit. Her whole face and demeanor change and she becomes a killing machine! The only other person with this power so far is a mysterious boy named Mikoto whose eyes turn into peaches and he is known as the monster killer feared by ogres everywhere.

The story is much more than a typical shounen. The cute characters and fantasy world make the darkness that happens that much more unsettling. That mixed with the theme of racism and enemies getting along makes for an amazing story I can not get enough of! The characters are also funny and cute on top of that… A bunny/human girl who can kill an ogre with a kick? How can you get better than that. The ogres or “bad guys” are also very unique and interesting giving their perspectives on this world as well.

It reminds me a lot of re:zero and higurashi!


The art in this manga is amazing! Very cute fantasy style characters who turn dark and insane in an instant. It can make you feel unsettled just by looking at an image. The action scenes are also very well done and each character as well as non important characters are all very unique! We have elves, lizardkin, an ogre thats a giant seal, and humans living in the same world as all of that.


The characters are really what makes this story for me. It is hard to even choose a side at times because you see things from the Ogre and human perspectives. The main character Sally already shows a lot of growth being how secluded she was and dependent on other people and turned into someone that others now follow! She changes peoples minds everywhere she goes. Have to love a strong female protagonist!

Hawthorne is the only human in the group and is the definition of a gentlemen. He always tries to be strong and will risk his life for anyone else.

Mikoto is peachboy himself. He has a very interesting backstory I want to know more of. He finds extreme pleasure in killing the ogres where as Sally wants to avoid that at any cost. He also has a talking dog which is adorable.

Frau is a harefolk demon human. She looks like a large bunny and even loves carrots! However she is extremely strong and sweet and does anything for her friends. She also has a mysterious and dark past…

Carrot is the newest of the group she is an ogre turned human so you can assume the struggles she goes through and how her opinions may change. She brings a nice contrast from the other characters having grown up on the opposite side of the war.

Sumeragi is the main and one of the most powerful ogre. He is very smart and also plans to unite ogres and humans but seems to have tricks up his sleeve as well.

Wrap up

Hopefully from this review you got some sort of idea what Peachboy Riverside is all about! The first 3 volumes are out in english so let me know if you check it out! It is going to be very hard waiting for the next volumes.. Maybe I will post updated reviews after each volume? Anyways, thanks for reading!

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