Magaton Musashi! Underlooked Mecha Anime?

As many of you can understand, seasonal anime at this point is extremely overwhelming and hard to follow with so many shows coming out at once. I tend to pick around 5 or so shows that interest me most and give those a try then add some in that a lot of people are talking about. This season in particular has been hard I have been working and sick a lot and in a big anime burn out. That being said, one of the only anime I have caught up with this season is a Mecha anime called “Megaton Musashi”.

I rarely hear anyone talking about this anime and when I do it is mainly bad reviews which confuses me. It has already been announced for a season two next year! So I figured I would share my opinions about the show and if it is something that may interest you I highly recommend checking it out! Also I guess it is an anime based off of a game which I have never heard of nor played so if you have let me know how it is!


Megaton Musashi takes place at a time where earth was destroyed by aliens killing most of the population. Trying to build back what little earth had left, they wiped everyone’s memories of the tragedy and placed them into this fake world that looked like the old earth to live their normal lives once again. Parents who lost children and children who lost parents were paired together thinking that they were each others family.

Although most people are oblivious a major tragedy ever happened, many people also have a sense that something is not right with this world. On top of all this, there is a secret military base that knows all of the secrets and is preparing to defend from another alien attack by building multiple special ops mechs. They then keep an eye out for people around the town who would have the special guts and talent to go into battle and control these mechs. Thus introducing our main characters.

Alongside this whole story we also get to see some things from the aliens point of view. Why they had to destroy earth and what their future goals are. The aliens can easily come to earth and disguise themselves among average humans. All of this along with very cool fights and entertaining characters leads to a pretty good story.


This anime has a lot of very unique and interesting characters. Each one has unique personalities and a cool unique style. We have a delinquent, a shinji like character who is forced by his dad to pilot the mech, the princess of aliens who now lives on earth, and a pop idol who is also the leader of a gang! And those are not even all of the characters.

I will admit that none of these characters are very dynamic throughout the first season however season two has a lot of opportunity for that.

The animation style I find very cool. It reminds me of old school cartoon network like shows which is different than most anime. The mech and alien fights are cgi but I actually thought it was done pretty well and the fights were very cool to watch. The soundtrack was also very good in my opinion and made the fight scenes that much cooler.


Is this anime the best mecha anime or best story ever? no. Did I enjoy it and recommend it? yes. As I said the characters were not very dynamic and the story was not super realistic in the fact that these kids willingly jumped into these mechs aside from one and just knew how to control it with little training. But, the characters and story were very amusing and had the right balance of seriousness and comedy. The last few episodes were a great build up to season two, the last one has yet to come out but I can see where it is leading. Overall I would recommend this anime to anyone who is looking for something cool and different!

Thank you for reading! Let me know what your favorite seasonal anime are or if you watched Megaton Musashi!

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