Similarities in Shadows House and Promised Neverland!? (spoilers)

So I finished Shadows House season 1 and read a little further into the manga and honestly I can’t help but see the similarities to Promised Neverland. Not saying it copied the former or anything but as a very unique plot and concept I can’t help but see some connection and I wanted to know if anyone else saw this too. Here are some similarities I found. Let me know if you agree or disagree! Also wanted to put it out there that I really enjoyed both besides Promised Neverland season 2…

Seemingly happy children as main characters

So this is the case for many anime, however in both of these shows they make it so eerily happy that you know something dark will happen…..

Large house where all the children live as the only setting

Both of these homes are huge mentions meant to fit many people and fullfill any need they might have. One may think it would be nice to live there from the outside looking in. Once we learn more about Grace Field and Shadow House however we start to see these amazing houses as prisons which the characters eventually learn as well. While Grace Field has clear boundaries with a huge wall blocking them from the outside world, the children of shadows house have set rules to follow and places they are not to travel.

The Parental Figure

All of the children in these series for different reasons have no parents or blood relatives. Therefore we have an adult parental figure taking care of everyone and more so keeping making sure the plans run smoothly. We have “mother” in Promised Neverland and “Grandfather” in Shadows House. While Isabella has much more of a bond with the children and is their caretaker, Grandfather is pretty unknown to the Shadow House characters and as mysterious to them as he is to us at this point.

It can be argued whether Isabella is actually a bad person or not and there is much left to learn of Grandfather, but it is safe to determine that these are people the children saw as trusting, caring people and turned out to be the exact opposite.

Dark Twist

Sorry for the Connie picture… but obviously both of these series turn very dark. Sure Promised Neverlands twist was more unexpected and seemingly worse however Shadows House twist is also very messed up. Kids are being taken from villages, given drinks to brainwash them, made into maids, then eventually get taken over by soot shadows and made to live in this house forever or perish….. I mean that’s dark.

This coupled with the children from both series having to pretend they do not know everything and it is all normal all while plotting escape behind the scenes leads to a very thrilling anime.

Fire Intros

This is not really important but it is a true fact… I skip most intro’s but always watched these two and Shadow’s House ending is possibly my favorite ending song!

To conclude, I see these two as being very similar and i am very excited to see more of the world and mysteries of Shadows House! What is grandfathers backstory? What is his objective? What do the older shadows on the upper floors know or have as a goal? Who are the veiled shadows? Let me know your thoughts! Also, Shaun and John are my favorite pair but I like each of them for different reasons. Louise is meh.. and F*** Barbara. Thanks for reading 🙂

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