Top 10 Favorite Anime Characters

Hello! Welcome to another top 10 list of my all time favorite anime characters. Manga characters coming next. Also I already there will be few if any females on this list but it is what it is….. This is not in any order because that would be impossible

Light Yagami

I have mentioned Light and Death Note in multiple posts so not much else to say besides it is a masterpiece and Light is one of the most interesting and dynamic characters in any anime. he changed my entire view on anime and there is nothing I would change about his character. Plus, he is also great to look at.

Itachi Uchiha

All throughout watching Naruto all I would think is how dirty everyone did Itachi. Literally everyone! Besides Shishui. But Itachi is one of the most powerful and intelligent ninjas in the Naruto world and he always puts himself last, saving the entire world without receiving any credit whatsoever. This man stood no chance and all he does is good.. I have an Itachi shirt, my only anime merchandise, so that speaks for itself.


Killua is a beloved character for good reason. He is a complete badass for being so young and ride or die for his family and best friend.His ripping the heart out scene is one of the most badass anime scenes. Killua is a character who seems like he would be the bad guy but secretly has the biggest heart of all. I need Killua merch….


Who doesn’t love Levi? I honestly think if it weren’t for him I would have dropped AoT in season 2. He is short like me but is better than everyone else at what he does, killing titans. He is a very smart and funny with his dry sense of humor without trying. I have Levi’s backstory “no regrets” and it made me admire him even more starting as a thief and becoming a high rank military official. Levi will do anything for those he cares about and I love him.


Ryo was my first twitter avi I mean just look at his face. He is such a funny and interesting character just trying to dissect his brain. Unlike the other characters on this list instead of being a ride or die and risking their lives for others Ryo is quite the opposite, but thats what makes him entertaining. If my dog was a boy I was going to name her Ryo.. Anyways he is an amazing character that will beyond a doubt leave some sort of impact on you.

Johan Liebert

Any true crime lover like myself has to love Johan. He is literally a sociopathic phantom killer who began as a child. He kills whoever he wants, leaving 0 trace, tormenting those who know of his existence along the way. His background and actions are so insane it will actually leave you shocked. Not only his actions but how he thinks of himself and his actions and struggling inside his own mind. Monster is a masterpiece and you need to watch/ read it.


Now I know Tokyo Revengers is new but that means nothing to me because it is already one of my favorite anime and Mikey is one of my favorite characters. My same theme of being an “evil” character but actually good represents Mikey a lot. Being young and shorter than most he rules the gangs of Tokyo and is feared by everyone. All that power and Mikey still is there whenever anyone needs him and seems to be one of the most moral people on the show thus far. I love to see him kicking ass or eating a bunch of food! Mikey figurine is a must!


Round of applause for the first female on this list. Yoko is not only beautiful but very brave and loyal. She literally went from being a schoolteacher to fighting aliens in space. Yoko puts everyone ahead of herself and never backs down from a fight. i really enjoy strong female characters like her who are more than love interests. Go Yoko!


We all know my obsession with Vinland Saga. Thorfinn is one of the most realistic and interesting MC’s in my opinion. He does not always do the right thing or fight for friendship, in fact most of the time he does quite the opposite. His inner struggles and character development (more so in the manga) is truly amazing. Askeladd could easily be in this list as well but the more I see Thorfinn change and mature the more I like him.

Senji (crow)

Badass prisoner who is secretly a sweetheart and add abs…. you have crow. Crow undergoes many changes throughtout the anime (mainly manga) as well. He risks his life for people he hardly ever knows and does his part to take down deadman wonderland. There is really nothing about Senji to dislike.

So there we have it! Thank you for reading and please comment some of your favorite characters! I noticed a clear trend throughout mine which shows my favorite kind of characters and enjoyed making this list 🙂

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