How to turn your friends/family into weebs!

Most of us weebs know the struggle of having nobody in our personal lives who are also anime/manga fans. Not only that but your friends and family may even make fun of you for being apart of this culture! Well, I am here to give you some tips on how to turn your friends and family into weebs full proof.

In order for you to believe in my abilities I will give you examples of family members and friends I have changed from haters to at least respecting anime.

  1. My dad: My dad was an avatar the last airbender lover yet judged me whenever he heard or saw me watching anime… I got him to watch Vinland Saga which he enjoyed the story but disliked the subtitles, 15 episodes of Attack On Titan dubbed which he thought was cool, and some Naruto. He particularly liked the classic scene where Rock Lee takes off his leg weights. Since then my dad no longer judges anime and wants to watch Vinland Saga season 2 when its dubbed.. (so probably never).
  2. My brother: My brother was the most judging person of all… even judging my dad while he was watching. I tried getting him to watch Death Note and Demon slayer and he wouldn’t try. He then tried Naruto on his own and became obsessed. He got Naruto video games and then eventually ruined all of the important plot points after the original show and did not watch Shippuden but its fine.. He is now watching My Hero Academia which his friend recommended and claims he knows it gets worse so there we go.
  3. My cousin: Another anime hater who I forced to watch Death Note and she became obsessed. She watched Devilman Crybaby, Promised Neverland, and Another. She would text me to come over and watch anime! Big dub.
  4. Friend: My friend was not really a hater, she watched DBZ and Pokemon but thought that I was way too obsessed with anime. She is a harsh critic… She watched some Naruto, My Hero, Attack On Titan, and Cowboy Bebop and did not finish any which annoyed me very much. She bought a Naruto hoodie after watching only 9 episodes in a month…. If that doesn’t say weeb I do not know what does. Luckily she stumbled upon Soul Eater which was one of my first anime and she is almost finished and bought the manga!
  5. Anime Group Chat: These were already weebs but I knew a guy with a group chat with all of his anime loving friends. They had solid taste I won’t lie. However, they were trashing ReZero and I could not accept that. They all stopped at the first half of season 1! I hyped of season 2 so much to them and begged them to try and they all finished season 1 and 2 and became in love with the series and thanked me.

Now that you have seen my amazing credentials, lets get started!

TIP #1 Ease them into it

It is important for most people who have never watched anime to be eased into the world a little bit. You can do this by talking to them about an anime you like or are watching without being overbearing. Explain a cool plot or show them a cool clip of a fight or funny scene and see what they think. Do not do anything too crazy or confusing unless you think that person would be into that.

TIP #2 Pick the perfect anime for that person

This is the most important step. You hopefully know this person well enough to know what they would like or dislike. Would they be into romance/slice of life or more action packed shounen? Or, are they someone who likes a challenge and would like a very smart deep diving anime. For men/women of culture maybe a harem would get them into the culture. Once you pick the genre you should pick an anime well liked by many people not only you. It is their first anime experience so an overrated or extremely normie anime is fine. Also maybe stay away from anime over 50 episodes because that is very overwhelming.

I will give some examples that worked for me: Death Note, Demon Slayer, Promised Neverland, Castlevania, One Punch Man, Love is war

TIP #3 If you can’t come up with an anime…. go with Death Note

This doesn’t need much explaining but Death Note never fails. Many people even if they did not continue watching anime loved Death Note. Not one person I have talked into watching it disliked it. This anime/manga is one of the most popular for a reason and it is always my go to in turning someone into a weeb. Praise Death Note. From jocks who made fun of anime to girly girls it truly never fails me.

TIP #4 Anime Memes!

Otakus are one of the most creative and hilarious fanbases out there so show your friend/family member some memes of an anime they are watching for more enjoyment factor. Again do not be too annoying with this.

TIP #5 Watch parties!

This is the ultimate goal for us lonely weebs. Get snacks or drinks if thats your thing and whether in person or through sharing screens on your computer watch anime together! This could easily work if a man/woman is interested in you and wants to make you happy so lets is willing to watch anime with you. I hope you can all get to this point, myself included since its been awhile.

All of that being said, good luck my fellow weebs I hope these tips can do you well. Comment people people you have turned into weebs! Also know this is mainly a joke but also very helpful šŸ˜‰

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