Lets talk… Record of Ragnarok

Lets all just take a moment of silence for yet another greatly disappointing anime that easily could have been a masterpiece. It truly feels like the entire Otaku community took a massive L. The anime adaptation to Record of Ragnarok is said to be just as bad or worse than Berserk or the Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas fight. I will also throw Promised Neverland in there because I am still upset about that as well.

Like everyone I have waited for this anime for awhile. The manga was getting so hyped up and it was not available in English so I decided to wait to see it animated and I was pumped when I remembered it came out this week. The entire premise is so cool with the mythology and human against god battle.From what everyone was saying it should have been amazing.

I was expecting something along the lines of Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen which were animated so well and brought the manga to life. As a manga reader I know a great manga can make a mid tier anime adaptation still crush your soul, but the fact that I came into this without even reading the manga and having that expectation and still realized they did it dirty is pretty bad. Is it the worst thing I have watched? Not at all. However that Adam vs Zeus fight I know is amazing in the manga was done so dirty that its very hard to come out of this anime with happy feeling. Besides the awful fight scenes I felt the anime made this serious and powerful story into somewhat of a cheesy WWE type show. Humanity is fighting for our lives we should feel deep and emotional about these scenes!

I wanted someone to punch me in the face after watching this anime

The only good things I can say are that the opening is complete fire as well as the whole soundtrack. If this anime was done well it could have really been an amazing work of art. But instead it will be the joke/pain of the Otaku community for the rest of the year or more. I truly feel pain for the manga readers.

Should I read the manga? Let me know if you have read it! At the end of the day we are all apart of this sad moment in history and need to stick together… pray for all of the future rushed and cash grab netflix adaptations and go read some good manga and watch an amazing anime series to fix your broken heart.

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