Lets Talk “To Your Eternity”…. (spoilers)

To Your Eternity is an anime that is currently blowing up. Everyone is talking about and praising this anime to the point where almost every review I have seen gives it either a 9 or 10. I debated for a few weeks whether I wanted to watch this anime or not considering it is usually not the type of show I go for, however I felt like I needed to check it out and judge for myself. I am currently caught up on the show.

To start with, the premise and animation is unique and beautiful. The idea of this being evolving from an orb to a piece of rock to a living being and seeing that whole process is very interesting. The very first episode throws a lot at us at once and If you have seen it I am sure you will agree it is one of the most heartbreaking first episodes in anime. Being introduced to the still unnamed boy who seems so happy despite his horrendous situation he is living in. How he will give up his necessities to this wolf he made his pet. How slowly we get the idea that he is definitely going to die and slowly getting frostbite and his whole family who left probably had the same fate… Then we are constantly reminded of him as now being Fushi’s face! I mean this is some depressing shit.

This picture alone makes me want to cry

So of course this poor boy dies then we see him die time and time again as the now immortal Fushi tries to make his way out of this storm only to be eaten by a gigantic bear… I will refrain from summarizing each episode but we all know it never gets better! Usually I either love an anime, feel mid about it, or drop it. With To Your Eternity however I do not know how I feel… yet I kept watching. I can see why people are calling it a masterpiece however I am still unsure although at this point I would say I enjoy it. It was painful to even say enjoy there as it is so depressing and makes me mad most of the time. Its to the point its so depressing to watch that I can’t stop.

Which leads me to a topic I would like to bring up of the only negative review I have seen calling the anime “misery porn”. That gave me a little chuckle at first because it is a drastic way to describe a show but at the same time I get where they are coming from. As stated many times the anime is one of the most depressing I have seen involving many deaths and sad lives even before the deaths mainly involving children.

March, whose only goal in life was to grow up and have a family…. was chosen to be a fake sacrifice and was well aware of that fact and had to try to accept that. She was then saved and given hope only to sacrifice herself for her “sissy”. While this is a noble way to die it is a lot to take in. Then we see Fushi take March’s body always being seen with the bloody wound from her arrow.

The question is; is the depressing matter done simply to make the viewer feel sad and depressed or does it have reason? This is what would determine the term misery porn or not. This term could be used to describe “goodnight punpun” a manga by Ino Asano as well although I have not read it so can not determine if it is true.

As for this anime, I do see the purpose for these deaths yet feel it is more depressing than needed for the sake of being depressing. It is true that in real life people live hard lives and fates like these and it should be shown, but being the whole anime consists of this it is a lot to take in.

Easily my favorite character

Take Gugu for example. Raised by his brother, always in poverty, then left by his brother and only companion who took all of the money he has ever earned. He has to work all day just to get a scrape of food to survive. Then he is almost killed to the point where he needs facial reconstruction and is seen as a monster to the entire town. He sees his brother in deathly condition and gives him a ring worth so much money Gugu could have made himself a better life but gave it to his brother. I mean how much worse can it get?

Back to the question of there being a point to the misery. The main point is that Fushi needs to continue to gain different experiences and evolve as being, while taking these dead people from his past with them almost helping them live on. If the wolf, white haired boy, or March had not died Fushi would not be where he is now and at the level of communicating and understanding he is now. We also learned that Fushi is up against an evil being which is why he was created and his creator keeps testing him to make sure he is ready. In the latest episode he mentions that Fushi needs to leave his current residence with Gugu or he will not evolve enough to beat this enemy. He needs new forms and information about the world.

Fushi’s emotions are the cutest

We get many heartwarming scenes as well and in my opinion the last few episodes have been fairly happy and sweet considering the first few episodes. We have the brotherly bond of Fushi and Gugu who both previously had nobody as well as this chaotic family-like environment with all the characters. Whenever Fushi says “Gugu” it makes my heard melt.

Gugu and Fushi have each risked their lives for eachother at this point but in the back of my head all that I am thinking is that Gugu is going to die….. I am just waiting for that point and still am however I really wish it will not happen. (Ready to be hearbroken!).

Episode 10 gave us a lot of information. There was the shocking moment when Fushi lost to the wood creature and got turned back into a rock which I thought was going to stay that way and he would have to relearn everything and lose all of his previous forms… Luckily that was not the case but did tell us that this will happen if there is a real fight and Fushi loses. As told by his creator which we learned that nobody but Fushi can see. He also seems to really have Fushi’s well being in mind although it didn’t seem that way at first which makes me scared that Fushi is not evolving more.

Aside from that panic attack we have a four year time skip!! We have Gugu going from a cute boy needing protecting to the one I want to protect me! Good for you Gugu you better not die…

I mean…

We also have Fushi seemingly growing up. Will he be able to grow up in March’s form? That will be sad yet cute. Then we have Rean looking practically the same. I do not care much about her character at this point. We end on the seemingly happy family living a normal life… but we know it will not last long.

I just have so many thoughts about this anime and would love to hear your thoughts! Which character is your favorite and what do you think is going to happen in the next few episodes? Thank you for reading!

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