Anime/Manga I Dropped

Since I have shared my favorite anime and manga I thought it only fair to show you ones that I have disliked or dropped. I find these videos or posts really interesting and sometimes helpful because sometimes when a series is very hyped and praised people will read or watch it based off of the positive reviews only. This is more of a problem when you are spending money on manga. I enjoy hearing why people did not like a particular series to give a different perspective! Also I am not saying all of these anime or manga are bad or even that I really disliked them. For most cases I just did not love it enough to spend money on it or continue watching.

Anime: My Hero Academia

Starting right with the big guns here… It is with a heavy heart that MHA is on this list considering it is the very first anime I watched (besides pokemon as a child) and what started my love for anime. I had always blindly assumed all anime was weird and cringy so once I watched MHA my mind was blown. I was getting bored of most tv shows by this point and this just opened me up to a whole new world.

I loved the first two seasons and thought season three was okay. I was hoping season four would bring back my love for the anime however I couldn’t make it through the first ten episodes.. I was so bored and found it so hard to even watch a 25 minute episode. I am not sure if i just didn’t care for the characters or expected more from the fights or many different things. I know the manga readers say it got much better but for me there is no more MHA in my future.

I still cherish what My Hero Academia did for me and for anime in general. I do not hate on the show or think it is awful, I don’t even mind Deku! I personally think I just watched so many more shows that I enjoyed better and made MHA seem more middle tier.

Manga: Jujutsu Kaisen

This I know I will get hate for haha. I got volume one of JJK when only two volumes were out and I first started collecting manga. I read and enjoyed the volume but put it on the back burner to read things I was interested in more. I wasn’t sure yet if it was going to be a battle shonen or more of a comedy slice of life exorcist manga. Which it kind of is both. Point is I felt no strong connection or need to pick up another volume so I sold it.

Many months later when the anime came out I watched it and loved it! I enjoy the comedy based scenes more in anime form and the animation was incredible. I would have enjoyed the manga if I kept reading but for this one I will stick to being an anime only.

Anime: Code Geass

Well.. I feel like I am just digging my own grave at this point. I went into code geass firmly expecting to love it. Lelouch is someone always compared with light and death note is one of my favorite anime ever so needless to say I was very excited. However for some reason I found it very boring…

With this anime I would actually like you to talk me into giving it another shot! I only watched around seven episodes and will gladly take back my boring comment if it really does get better.. but who knows. This was a few years ago when I tried watching and all I really remember that made me mad was an entire episode dedicated to finding a cat? I don’t know change my mind!

Manga: Hells Paradise

Hells Paradise is another manga which I hopped on the hype train of. The covers were very pretty and the premise of an immortal ninja and a battle royale seemed right up my alley. Like Jujutsu Kaisen I did not exactly dislike this anime but did not find it interesting enough to keep collecting. I read the first two volumes and was just not all impressed. I felt like a lot was happening all at once and I did not really understand it or care about it. There were many characters that were lightly introduced then given a small backstory and died. Even the main characters were kind of bland to me…

Hells Paradise is getting an anime and I will give it a chance and hopefully enjoy it like I did Jujutsu Kaisen!

Anime: No Game No Life

The last anime I will be discussing in this post is No Game No life. I actually made it up to the last two episodes before dropping it. The premise is very interesting and death note or kakeguri like in the mind games and gambling. That along with the aesthetically pleasing pastel color animation show why this is a very popular anime. I however got very bored. They would cheat at a game and win and repeat. A big turn off was the brother sister thing which I am just not a fan of and on top of that I cant think of one character I even enjoyed or didn’t think was very annoying. I enjoyed the first few episodes and did not care to know how it ended and that is the jist of No Game No Life.

Manga: Ajin

Once again on the surface Ajin looked like a really cool manga with amazing art. (The art was amazing), I read up to volume four and was usually confused in the world and what was even happening during the demi human fights. On top of that the manga was $14 for some reason and it wasn’t worth what I was not really enjoying reading. I know the anime got a lot of hate so I will most likely not be reading or watching Ajin anytime soon.

Thanks so much for reading! Comment if you think I should give one of these series another chance…..

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  1. I have a few I’ve dropped, but I will still go back to them at some point. For whatever reason, not finishing something unless it’s truly awful bothers me a lot. And I share your sentiment with MHA. I’ll watch it until the end, but it’s really too slow. Still adore Deku as a character, though.

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  2. I always favor anime over manga (animation is just better than art). I especially do this if I find the manga art style to be “bad” relative to the animation. Demon Slayers anime is far superior to its manga art. However, with One Piece and MHA if read the manga and watch the anime. They both have great art and animation, I just can’t choose and don’t like waiting for the anime seasons to start.

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      1. Good question. Some of my favorites in no particular order besides Satoshi Kon’s works would be Haibane Renmei, Yugo the Negotiator, Texhnolyze, The Place Promised In Our Early Days, the original Kino’s Journey and Hikaru no Go to name a few.

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