My Top 5 Manga/Anime

Time to judge! If you are going to read my views on manga/anime I feel it is right for you to understand my taste and as I said judge me…. I am ready

  1. Vinland Saga!

Coming in at number one is Vinland Saga. This show completely shocked me. I am not any sort of history buff or care about vikings in particular however after all of the praise I was seeing it get I decided to check it out. For anyone not familiar, Vinland Saga is about a young boy named Thorfinn and his journey into the viking world.

The animation style and sound are both beautiful however what I think makes the show so great is the enthralling story and dynamic characters. The story itself really takes you on a journey and leads you through many emotions. Sad deaths, powerful battles, religion, love, and comedy. It has everything!

As I mentioned before Vinland Saga has some of the most dynamic characters in any anime. The antagonist Askeladd is at the top of many peoples antagonists lists for the fact that you hate to love him. The growth and inner conflict in two other characters Canute and Thorfinn really get you invested into the story and make things realistic to the viewer. Most of the characters are even based off of real people in history! Needless to say, if you haven’t yet please go watch or read Vinland Saga!!! My dad also approves and he doesn’t even like anime haha! Rating (10/10)

2. Death Note!

Number two on my list should not surprise anyone… Death Note. Everyone in the anime scene has either seen this anime or knows all about it and for good reason. Psychological anime is my favorite genre and this show absolutely nails it. It was one of the first five anime I have ever watched and completely changed my mind on anime. I did not think any show or anime in general could be that clever and unique. I have changed many people into anime fans from telling them to watch death note. Light is one of my all time favorite characters and death note will always hold a special place in my heart. Rating (10/10)

3. Gurren Lagann!

As with Vinland Saga, I did not expect much going into Gurren Lagann. I am not really a fan of mech anime and I really did not even know what the series was about. On the surface it looks like a cool mech fighting anime however it goes much much deeper than that.

Gurren Lagann is set in a world where humans are forced to live underground in horrid conditions to stay away from the horrors on the surface. Two brothers Kamina and Simon escape and find out first hand how terrifying the surface is. Finding some survivors along the way the story follows a brutal fight for these characters to not only try to survive but take the surface back for humanity using mechs.

Yoko, Kamina, and Simon are all amazing characters that make you feel all of their feelings as well as the many supporting characters. The deaths of some of these characters hit me pretty hard and just reminded me how scary and powerful this situation is. All of that being said I highly recommend this anime! The ending was not my favorite and it is not the greatest story out there, but it is one of the few anime that will always stick in my mind and bring out certain emotions. Rating (9.5/10)

4. Monster!

Monster is one of the most well written stories/shows I have ever watched. I really wanted to get into this story so I watched the anime instead of getting the manga as everyone said the anime followed it pretty much perfectly. Urasawa who is the writer is a genius story teller and my favorite mangaka.

Monster tells the story of a surgeon who gets involved in a series of murders in which he knows who the killer is but nobody else is aware. The surgeon, Tenma goes on his own manhunt for this killer who is essentially a phantom and even has the viewer guessing if he is real or made up t some points. Tenma is one of the most generous, smart, and selfless characters I have ever seen. That contrasted with the antagonist, Johan, who is a top notch sociopath makes for a thrilling ride. Johan is my favorite antagonist in all of anime. He knows how to get his way in any situation and mold people to do things for him as he pleases. He seems to feel no emotion whatsoever. His eery messages to Tenma along with his seamless killing methods make him someone that will put fear into anybody but Tenma faces him head on.

The story can be very slow and tedious feeling at times however it is important for the feeling of the show and to shine light into the lives of supporting characters or Johan’s past which make the story that much better. I was always needing to see where the story would go next and it was never predictable. If you don’t mind slow burners if it means an amazing story then you need to go watch or read monster!! Rating (10/10)

5. Dororo

Last but not least is Dororo. As I like depressing and emotional stories Dororo is right up my alley. The series follows Hyakkimaru who was born with practically no living organs or limbs due to his father making a deal with demons. Hyakkimaru is sent adrift in a river only to happen upon a man willing to do everything to help this poor child live. With prosthetic limbs which can also be used as swords, he fights demons to get one of his limbs, senses, or organs back.

A young child named Dororo who seemingly has no family of her own befriends and takes interest in this mysterious man and goes on the adventure bringing a very heartwarming sibling bond into the show along with great action. Hyakkimaru along with getting his senses back starts learning more about being human from Dororo and caring for someone besides himself. The animation is beautiful and the intro is my favorite intro of all time! If anything check out that intro. Rating (9/10)

Thank you fro reading!! Next post will be my top 5 manga!

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