Top 10 Psychological Anime!

Psychological anime is easily my favorite genre so whenever I hear a premise that is dark, depressing, and will put my mind into a spiral I am all in! This is my top 10 list based on the anime I have seen. Hopefully this gives you psychology lovers some new anime! Also this list is in random order not by how good the show is.

10. Death Note

Not much to say here as everyone knows Death Note and it just speaks for itself. Death Note will always be one of my top favorite anime and the only show to really just blow my mind. It changed the way I view anime or TV shows in general because i didn’t know anything could be that good! This series is truly one of the most well-written stories I have experienced.

9. Steins Gate

Steins Gate is so good it was very close to making my top 10 anime list. I put off watching for so long because the general consensus was that the first 12 episodes were painfully slow and boring but the second part was amazing. I am not someone who wants to sit through any slow or boring episodes even for a good outcome usually. So I was furious when I watched Steins Gate and loved every episode! Following these amazing and unique characters on a journey to build a time machine.

The use of John Titor which was a real story of a man who called himself this and wrote online about the future was so interesting and cool. The story can be a lot and get confusing at times as with time travel however I think it was done brilliantly and everything had a purpose. The last 10 episodes had me anxious and cheering or upset at every turn! There are so many good things I could say about Steins Gate but I encourage you to watch it yourself! After writing this I want to rewatch it or maybe try Steins Gate 0 fir the first time….?

8. Death Parade

Death Parade is very known yet unknown for an anime. My little cousin introduced me to this anime and from her description I knew I would love it and I did. It is about the world where people go when they die. They play different games like darts or bowling but with a very dark twist that is actually used to determine who they truly are as people and who deserves to go to heaven or “the void”. This anime goes very deep and explores human nature at its core. Death Parade is a must watch for any psychology lover! Also the intro is sooooo good.

7. Re Zero

I am sure most of you have heard of or seen Re Zero. This anime deserves to be on this list due to it’s complete change and shock in the story. Going into season one it seems like a typical cute isekai with not much substance to it. Then we get into the real story and especially during season two find out its a complete mind fuck at every episode and characters are brutally dying left and right. I believe season two was a true masterpiece and I just want more. I have made many people continue watching it after dropping it the first 10 episodes and trust me they changed their minds! If you dropped it or never started it I would highly recommend.

6. Monster

Monster is one of my favorite anime and you can see a better description in my favorite anime post. Basically Johan is the best antagonist of all time and if you are into Ted Bundy or Jeffry Dahmer documentaries this is your show! Join Tenma and a multitude of unique characters to try to track down this phantom like serial killer. It is a slow burner at times but it is all worth it and is a true masterpiece that will leave you very sad when it is all over. I need to get the manga!

5. Serial Experiments Lain

This anime is only for the true psychology lovers. It is definitely slow with little to no action and at times not much dialogue. That being said if you watch it all and pay attention you will feel something that is hard to feel or even describe. The anime with its aesthetic and creepy yet relaxing soundtrack makes for quite the experience. The intro is one of my favorites and fits the story perfectly.

This anime follows a girl named Lain and her experience with this new thing called technology. It was released in the late 90s where technology was not anywhere near how it was today and its crazy how the themes in the show relate to today’s world of being sucked into and altered by the internet. The creators basically predicted technology ruining people’s personalities and taking over the world and put that into this creepy narrative with a young girl.

4. Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil)

Flowers of Evil is definitely not for everyone. I read the manga first by Shuzo Oshimi who is now one of my favorite mangaka. I read the series so fast and was so surprised at how good it was. The manga and show both give you an actual anxious and unsettling feeling while reading which is very hard to do. The art style in the anime is not for everyone and does not have the ending so I would suggest the manga but the anime is still a great experience.

The story follows an introverted boy who suddenly gets the girl of his dreams but is also hiding a disturbing secret that another classmate holds against him making him do things that change his life and who he is as a person. Some things in the story are cute and comical but most are very unsettling and just like what the fuck? But in a good way. It’s very hard to describe as I could have never came up with these things myself and do not know how Oshimi does it. That being said if you want a non stop mind fuck of a ride and want to feel very unsettled, go watch or read Flowers of Evil.

3. Danganronpa

I absolutely love Danganronpa! A group of people get locked in this school with a crazed bear making them kill eachother then they have a big trial where the accused gets murdered in a brutal way. The anime has mystery, murder, plot twists, and also makes you drawn and feel bad for characters which many slasher type anime do not. The trial’s are so intense and even leave the viewers on the edge of their seats. I have only watched the first season so let me know if the other two are worth it!

2. Paranoia Agent

I went into more depth of Paranoia Agent in my Satoshi Kon post. Kon is a genius of human nature and psychology and that is all that really needs to be said. This anime will leave you thinking about it long after you finish watching.

  1. Another

Another is not the greatest anime out there but maybe a guilty pleasure of mine. It follows a classroom where people start dying in over the top insane ways. Umbrella… if you know you know. Anyways there is supposedly a ghost in the classroom and if this ghost dies then all of the other students will be freed. The students go on a mission trying to find out who the imposter is before everyone is dead. It can be cheesy at times but like a typical horror movie its the good kind of cheesy and I loved every moment of it. My cousin even enjoyed it and she doesn’t watch anime!

So there we have it, my favorite psychological anime I have seen thus far! Honorable mentions are Neon Genesis Evangelion of course and Classroom of the Elite which is a unique type of psychology different from the depressing killing anime I have named on the list. Thank you for reading! Tell me which anime on this list caught your eye or give me some good psychological anime recommendations!

Mind of Satoshi Kon

Hi everyone! Just a preface I made a video of this topic on my youtube channel but worked so hard on it that I wanted to share it here as well! Satoshi Kon was a master of psychology and the blend of fiction and reality. I watched all of these anime besides Paranoia Agent for the first time and really enjoyed my experience so here is a post about Satoshi Kon and his famous anime’s!

Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon was born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1963. He always loved animation and otaku culture and wanted to be an animator since high school.Some of his favorite works are Space Battleship Yamato, future boy conan, and mobile suit gundam. Kon graduated college with a graphic design degree. He also enjoyed foreign films and novels and enjoyed painting.After graduating he assisted in many screenplays and films. His general theme was blending fantasy and reality as well as psychology/human nature. Fun fact, Kon actually scripted and co-produced the fifth episode of the original Jojos Bizarre Adventure anime.In 2010, Kon was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. He was told he had half a year to live. Kon died in August of 2010 at the age of 46. It is clear to me how much he loved the anime world and being apart of it and was really sad some of his works would not be completed.


Satoshi Kon created two manga one shots that are both unfinished called “Seraphim Wings” and “Opus”. Seraphim wings is about a world going through a pandemic and a young girl who for an unknown reason is immune to death. Travelers and policemen set out to see if this young girl can help save the world. This story is very short and practically ends at the start of the journey which is sad but what is there is a good read and fantastic art!

Opus is one of the most interesting manga I have read. It is about a mangaka who get sucked into his own manga and one of the characters he is going to kill off tries to stop him from finishing the series. The whole ides is so creative and interesting and Kon knocks it out of the park with the visuals. The manga is mostly complete with the last chapter being the sketches and rough draft Kon was working on before his death which was very cool to see. Highly recommend!

I watched these all in the order they were made and in dub 🙂

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue was the main reason I wanted to explore Satoshi Kon. It is known as one of the best psychological anime ever about a famous idol and actress who is stalked by this creepy fan and everyone around her starts dying. The film at times can be a little hard to follow with a lot happening and not knowing what is real or imagination however it is clear that each and every scene is placed there for a specific reason. In an interview with Kon about this film I saw how much time and talent it takes to get one single scene animated.

The film was adapted from a novel however Kon made the story his own and is very loosly based. Many people want to look for a deep meaning in Perfect Blue and while it is fun to summarize and come to your own conclusions, Satoshi Kon when asked what the meaning was laughed and said “Meaning?”. I find his personality amazing! I rate “Perfect Blue” 9/10.

Millennium Actress

“Millennium Actress” was an original work where the producer specifically asked for Satoshi Kon to direct as he was a huge fan of “Perfect Blue”. The film follows a now elderly Chiyoko as she reminisces about her life as a child and young adult actress. It has the same reality vs fiction theme as “Perfect Blue” however this film was much more of a feel good film about reflecting upon ones memories and past. Through the actresses movies we go through Japan’s history and real events.

There are two interviewers who get sucked into Chiyoko’s memories and find themselves in these crazy situations which makes for good comic relief. Out of all the films, this was my least favorite however it was an enjoyable and beautifully animated film. It is actually the best critically rated film of the group however I rate “Millennium Actress” 8/10.

Tokyo Godfathers

“Tokyo Godfathers” was my favorite film of this bunch and took me completely by surprise. It follows three homeless people who find a baby in a dumpster and do their best to take care of the baby with their limited resources. The film has dark themes such as poverty and struggling to find food as well as the personal problems of each of the characters. That being said Kon finds a way to shed light on these subjects and show that even at the worst times you can find love and happiness. These three people who felt all alone before and struggled to take care of themselves now do all they can do take care of each other and this baby. They are truly like a family.

The film is very comical as each character is so drastically different with a teenage girl, a middle aged man, and a transgender woman. The situations they get into and how they react are very entertaining. Kon portrays some of what LGBTQ people as well as homeless people go through and how they can be treated and how it affects them. This was pretty cool to see since the film was made in 2003 and not many people especially in anime seemed to be talking about these subjects.

The end of “Tokyo Godfathers” left me with a happy and loving feeling. It had comedy, action, adventure, and family and I was not bored at any point. I will definitely be watching this film again! Rating 8.5/10. (I am trying to rate both from a critical standpoint and how much I enjoyed) enjoyment was 10/10.

Paranoia Agent

“Paranoia Agent” is the only series Kon has made. It consists of 1 season of 13 episodes. Kon says that this series was the great ideas he had in his head that he could not fit into any of his other movies. The series follows a town being terrorized by this boy on roller skates who hits people with a baseball bat called “little slugger”. The episodes follow different characters each time but all have the connection of having contact with little slugger.

The idea behind this anime as with many other of Kon’s work is what is real and what is not. Is there really a boy on roller blades hitting people with baseball bats or is little slugger representing growing paranoia in this town and it’s people? All of the characters we meet are going through very hard times that are seeming to push them over the edge of insanity. This is when we see little slugger. Without having an explanation for paranoia is blaming it on this boy with a bat easier? This is what makes paranoia agent so incredible!

Kon describes paranoia as the feeling a child gets in his stomach if he is nervous and doesn’t want to go to school. It can actually make you feel sick but is all in your mind. It is almost easier to blame some horrific monster than face the truth. Each episode is captivating and dark with many deep and dark topics of suicide and mental illness so keep that in mind if you want to watch this. Kon ends his interview of this anime by saying “little slugger is….” and laughing at the camera because we will never know if he is real or not! But Kon’s sense of humor is amazing.

If you are into psychological anime “Paranoia Agent” is a must watch! Rating 10/10.


“Paprika” was the most confusing and one of the lesser enjoyable of Kon’s works for me as well and most people who have seen it. It follows this company who has a machine where you can enter dreams and bring those dreams into the real world. As the other films were already confusing enough this film was made for the purpose of being confusing! Is it a dream? Is it reality with dreams in it? Who knows!? I definitely felt high watching it.

This film was also adapted from a popular novel but changed a lot. Kon voice acted in it which is very interesting. The animation itself was pretty good with many bright colors and crazy things everywhere you look. The childlike soundtrack when the dreams were marching in a parade through the real world was good but also creepy which fits with the plot. All in all the film wasn’t horrible but not something I would recommend. It was also the lowest rated on IMBD with a 7.7 which is not awful. My rating is a 7.5/10.

Dreaming Machine

Sadly this last film of Kon’s was not finished before his death and does not seem like it will ever get finished without Kon’s creative mind and his idea for the film. It was going to be a fantasy adventure anime centered around three robots. Very different and unique to Kon’s previous works. Kon said it was going to be a film both children and adults would enjoy and was going to be produced by madhouse and maapa! It is very unfortunate we may never see this film however some people still hold out hope.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I enjoyed watching all of Satoshi Kon’s works as well as his interviews. He will always be respected and missed in the genre and one of the best to explore psychology through anime. Let me know what your favorite work of Satoshi Kon is or which interested you the most from the post!

RIP Satoshi Kon

Lets talk… Record of Ragnarok

Lets all just take a moment of silence for yet another greatly disappointing anime that easily could have been a masterpiece. It truly feels like the entire Otaku community took a massive L. The anime adaptation to Record of Ragnarok is said to be just as bad or worse than Berserk or the Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas fight. I will also throw Promised Neverland in there because I am still upset about that as well.

Like everyone I have waited for this anime for awhile. The manga was getting so hyped up and it was not available in English so I decided to wait to see it animated and I was pumped when I remembered it came out this week. The entire premise is so cool with the mythology and human against god battle.From what everyone was saying it should have been amazing.

I was expecting something along the lines of Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen which were animated so well and brought the manga to life. As a manga reader I know a great manga can make a mid tier anime adaptation still crush your soul, but the fact that I came into this without even reading the manga and having that expectation and still realized they did it dirty is pretty bad. Is it the worst thing I have watched? Not at all. However that Adam vs Zeus fight I know is amazing in the manga was done so dirty that its very hard to come out of this anime with happy feeling. Besides the awful fight scenes I felt the anime made this serious and powerful story into somewhat of a cheesy WWE type show. Humanity is fighting for our lives we should feel deep and emotional about these scenes!

I wanted someone to punch me in the face after watching this anime

The only good things I can say are that the opening is complete fire as well as the whole soundtrack. If this anime was done well it could have really been an amazing work of art. But instead it will be the joke/pain of the Otaku community for the rest of the year or more. I truly feel pain for the manga readers.

Should I read the manga? Let me know if you have read it! At the end of the day we are all apart of this sad moment in history and need to stick together… pray for all of the future rushed and cash grab netflix adaptations and go read some good manga and watch an amazing anime series to fix your broken heart.

Lets Talk “To Your Eternity”…. (spoilers)

To Your Eternity is an anime that is currently blowing up. Everyone is talking about and praising this anime to the point where almost every review I have seen gives it either a 9 or 10. I debated for a few weeks whether I wanted to watch this anime or not considering it is usually not the type of show I go for, however I felt like I needed to check it out and judge for myself. I am currently caught up on the show.

To start with, the premise and animation is unique and beautiful. The idea of this being evolving from an orb to a piece of rock to a living being and seeing that whole process is very interesting. The very first episode throws a lot at us at once and If you have seen it I am sure you will agree it is one of the most heartbreaking first episodes in anime. Being introduced to the still unnamed boy who seems so happy despite his horrendous situation he is living in. How he will give up his necessities to this wolf he made his pet. How slowly we get the idea that he is definitely going to die and slowly getting frostbite and his whole family who left probably had the same fate… Then we are constantly reminded of him as now being Fushi’s face! I mean this is some depressing shit.

This picture alone makes me want to cry

So of course this poor boy dies then we see him die time and time again as the now immortal Fushi tries to make his way out of this storm only to be eaten by a gigantic bear… I will refrain from summarizing each episode but we all know it never gets better! Usually I either love an anime, feel mid about it, or drop it. With To Your Eternity however I do not know how I feel… yet I kept watching. I can see why people are calling it a masterpiece however I am still unsure although at this point I would say I enjoy it. It was painful to even say enjoy there as it is so depressing and makes me mad most of the time. Its to the point its so depressing to watch that I can’t stop.

Which leads me to a topic I would like to bring up of the only negative review I have seen calling the anime “misery porn”. That gave me a little chuckle at first because it is a drastic way to describe a show but at the same time I get where they are coming from. As stated many times the anime is one of the most depressing I have seen involving many deaths and sad lives even before the deaths mainly involving children.

March, whose only goal in life was to grow up and have a family…. was chosen to be a fake sacrifice and was well aware of that fact and had to try to accept that. She was then saved and given hope only to sacrifice herself for her “sissy”. While this is a noble way to die it is a lot to take in. Then we see Fushi take March’s body always being seen with the bloody wound from her arrow.

The question is; is the depressing matter done simply to make the viewer feel sad and depressed or does it have reason? This is what would determine the term misery porn or not. This term could be used to describe “goodnight punpun” a manga by Ino Asano as well although I have not read it so can not determine if it is true.

As for this anime, I do see the purpose for these deaths yet feel it is more depressing than needed for the sake of being depressing. It is true that in real life people live hard lives and fates like these and it should be shown, but being the whole anime consists of this it is a lot to take in.

Easily my favorite character

Take Gugu for example. Raised by his brother, always in poverty, then left by his brother and only companion who took all of the money he has ever earned. He has to work all day just to get a scrape of food to survive. Then he is almost killed to the point where he needs facial reconstruction and is seen as a monster to the entire town. He sees his brother in deathly condition and gives him a ring worth so much money Gugu could have made himself a better life but gave it to his brother. I mean how much worse can it get?

Back to the question of there being a point to the misery. The main point is that Fushi needs to continue to gain different experiences and evolve as being, while taking these dead people from his past with them almost helping them live on. If the wolf, white haired boy, or March had not died Fushi would not be where he is now and at the level of communicating and understanding he is now. We also learned that Fushi is up against an evil being which is why he was created and his creator keeps testing him to make sure he is ready. In the latest episode he mentions that Fushi needs to leave his current residence with Gugu or he will not evolve enough to beat this enemy. He needs new forms and information about the world.

Fushi’s emotions are the cutest

We get many heartwarming scenes as well and in my opinion the last few episodes have been fairly happy and sweet considering the first few episodes. We have the brotherly bond of Fushi and Gugu who both previously had nobody as well as this chaotic family-like environment with all the characters. Whenever Fushi says “Gugu” it makes my heard melt.

Gugu and Fushi have each risked their lives for eachother at this point but in the back of my head all that I am thinking is that Gugu is going to die….. I am just waiting for that point and still am however I really wish it will not happen. (Ready to be hearbroken!).

Episode 10 gave us a lot of information. There was the shocking moment when Fushi lost to the wood creature and got turned back into a rock which I thought was going to stay that way and he would have to relearn everything and lose all of his previous forms… Luckily that was not the case but did tell us that this will happen if there is a real fight and Fushi loses. As told by his creator which we learned that nobody but Fushi can see. He also seems to really have Fushi’s well being in mind although it didn’t seem that way at first which makes me scared that Fushi is not evolving more.

Aside from that panic attack we have a four year time skip!! We have Gugu going from a cute boy needing protecting to the one I want to protect me! Good for you Gugu you better not die…

I mean…

We also have Fushi seemingly growing up. Will he be able to grow up in March’s form? That will be sad yet cute. Then we have Rean looking practically the same. I do not care much about her character at this point. We end on the seemingly happy family living a normal life… but we know it will not last long.

I just have so many thoughts about this anime and would love to hear your thoughts! Which character is your favorite and what do you think is going to happen in the next few episodes? Thank you for reading!

Anime/Manga I Dropped

Since I have shared my favorite anime and manga I thought it only fair to show you ones that I have disliked or dropped. I find these videos or posts really interesting and sometimes helpful because sometimes when a series is very hyped and praised people will read or watch it based off of the positive reviews only. This is more of a problem when you are spending money on manga. I enjoy hearing why people did not like a particular series to give a different perspective! Also I am not saying all of these anime or manga are bad or even that I really disliked them. For most cases I just did not love it enough to spend money on it or continue watching.

Anime: My Hero Academia

Starting right with the big guns here… It is with a heavy heart that MHA is on this list considering it is the very first anime I watched (besides pokemon as a child) and what started my love for anime. I had always blindly assumed all anime was weird and cringy so once I watched MHA my mind was blown. I was getting bored of most tv shows by this point and this just opened me up to a whole new world.

I loved the first two seasons and thought season three was okay. I was hoping season four would bring back my love for the anime however I couldn’t make it through the first ten episodes.. I was so bored and found it so hard to even watch a 25 minute episode. I am not sure if i just didn’t care for the characters or expected more from the fights or many different things. I know the manga readers say it got much better but for me there is no more MHA in my future.

I still cherish what My Hero Academia did for me and for anime in general. I do not hate on the show or think it is awful, I don’t even mind Deku! I personally think I just watched so many more shows that I enjoyed better and made MHA seem more middle tier.

Manga: Jujutsu Kaisen

This I know I will get hate for haha. I got volume one of JJK when only two volumes were out and I first started collecting manga. I read and enjoyed the volume but put it on the back burner to read things I was interested in more. I wasn’t sure yet if it was going to be a battle shonen or more of a comedy slice of life exorcist manga. Which it kind of is both. Point is I felt no strong connection or need to pick up another volume so I sold it.

Many months later when the anime came out I watched it and loved it! I enjoy the comedy based scenes more in anime form and the animation was incredible. I would have enjoyed the manga if I kept reading but for this one I will stick to being an anime only.

Anime: Code Geass

Well.. I feel like I am just digging my own grave at this point. I went into code geass firmly expecting to love it. Lelouch is someone always compared with light and death note is one of my favorite anime ever so needless to say I was very excited. However for some reason I found it very boring…

With this anime I would actually like you to talk me into giving it another shot! I only watched around seven episodes and will gladly take back my boring comment if it really does get better.. but who knows. This was a few years ago when I tried watching and all I really remember that made me mad was an entire episode dedicated to finding a cat? I don’t know change my mind!

Manga: Hells Paradise

Hells Paradise is another manga which I hopped on the hype train of. The covers were very pretty and the premise of an immortal ninja and a battle royale seemed right up my alley. Like Jujutsu Kaisen I did not exactly dislike this anime but did not find it interesting enough to keep collecting. I read the first two volumes and was just not all impressed. I felt like a lot was happening all at once and I did not really understand it or care about it. There were many characters that were lightly introduced then given a small backstory and died. Even the main characters were kind of bland to me…

Hells Paradise is getting an anime and I will give it a chance and hopefully enjoy it like I did Jujutsu Kaisen!

Anime: No Game No Life

The last anime I will be discussing in this post is No Game No life. I actually made it up to the last two episodes before dropping it. The premise is very interesting and death note or kakeguri like in the mind games and gambling. That along with the aesthetically pleasing pastel color animation show why this is a very popular anime. I however got very bored. They would cheat at a game and win and repeat. A big turn off was the brother sister thing which I am just not a fan of and on top of that I cant think of one character I even enjoyed or didn’t think was very annoying. I enjoyed the first few episodes and did not care to know how it ended and that is the jist of No Game No Life.

Manga: Ajin

Once again on the surface Ajin looked like a really cool manga with amazing art. (The art was amazing), I read up to volume four and was usually confused in the world and what was even happening during the demi human fights. On top of that the manga was $14 for some reason and it wasn’t worth what I was not really enjoying reading. I know the anime got a lot of hate so I will most likely not be reading or watching Ajin anytime soon.

Thanks so much for reading! Comment if you think I should give one of these series another chance…..

Top 5 Manga!

Now onto manga which is my preferred choice to anime at the moment. That being said I have read much less manga and have not completed many full series so this list is due to change eventually. Comment some manga recommendations down below! Also yes that is my collection in the top picture.

  1. Vinland Saga

If you read my favorite anime post or follow me on any social media this will come as no surprise. I am obsessed with this manga and really love where it is going passed the anime and how the characters are developing. I am currently caught up with 11 volumes and waiting for the 12th has been such a struggle );

The art is amazing and I love having it in physical forms and having the art in my collection whenever. If you enjoyed the anime and would like to know more of the story or if you haven’t watched the anime go check out the manga! Rating (10/10).

2. Rikudou

From what I have seen in the manga community Rikudou is a fairly unknown manga, at least in the United States. I first seen it on a youtube video about the best psychological mangas. Sadly there is no English print and I haven’t even been able to find a Japanese copy for purchase so I do have to read it online.

Rikudou is about a young man named Riku who has been through an extremely traumatic childhood and becomes interested in boxing to get his anger out. Because of his past it is very hard to get Riku down no matter how hurt he is. Although he has much less training and does not have the amazing form of the other boxers in his area, Riku’s hard work makes him a top up and coming underdog. You get the amazing action and adrenaline of a sports anime complemented with a very psychological and depressing inner conflict in not only Riku but his friends and other boxers he faces.

This manga is definitely more on the explicit side and will not shy away from dark topics which I enjoy. It makes you want to work hard and put your all into something just like Riku. As every manga on the list has amazing art, this manga tops anything I have seen. Its very realistic and flows seamlessly making the fight scenes look like you’re watching a movie. I would recommend this to anyone who likes sport manga or depressing yet compelling stories. I hope i can get a physical copy I need this art!! Rating (10/10).

3. Twin Star Exorcists

I have said this many times but in my opinion Twin Star Exorcists is one of the most underrated manga out right now. This series has everything any of the popular shonen manga but does it better than most in my opinion.

The series follows two exorcists who are told they are involved in a prophecy that will eventually defeat all of the evil spirits or “kegare”. They are due to get married and have the prophecy child. While this seems pretty silly and cheesy, the story is much more than that. We are introduced to a variety of characters all with unique personalities and exorcist powers. Theres cool tournament arcs, bloody battles with kegare, and a story that evolves with each volume.

One of my favorite things about the story is that even the kegare have different personality traits and feelings that humanize them even though they’re main goal is to kill humans, readers are drawn to their personalities and reasoning and even end up liking some kegare. Its the classic dilemma of who is really in the wrong here? Who is the bad guy? Along with that unlike other shonen this series is not afraid to kill people off or have the main characters lose battles or suffer grave injuries. You are actually afraid a character could die because it happens a decent amount.

The covers are some of my favorite covers in anime and the art style is very clean and dark yet cute at times as well. Theres small portions of comedy thrown in but for the most part Twin Stars is a thrilling read and if you are a shonen fan you need to check it out! Also, it does have an anime that does not follow the manga and I was not a fan of so definitely go for the manga over the anime. Rating (9/10).

4. Battle Royale

I describe Battle Royale to people as Hunger Games on crack. It is in my opinion a more realistic portrayal of what would really happen if this was something the world did for population control. That on top of the fact these participants are all highschoolers. Imagine the feeling of going to this random island, getting deadly weapons, and knowing only one of your classmates will survive. You either kill or be killed. It is interesting to see how people change and what goes through their minds when in this horrific situation.

This is one of the most explicit manga I have ever read. It goes into great detail with the murders and other awful things that happen on the island. It also goes into characters back stories and relationships with other classmates which just adds to the pain when you watch them be brutally murdered. I found myself holding out hope for my favorite characters saying they will find a way out of this only to be crushed when they die, although I should’ve known. This is the manga I show people when they think manga is lame and they always become interested.

The manga is very hard to find but if you’re into this kind of thing it is a must read. It has a live action movie I have not watched but would love an anime if done right. Rating (9/10).

5. Deadman Wonderland

Coming in at number five is Deadman Wonderland which is ironically the first manga I have ever gotten and what made me want to collect manga in the first place. The anime was amazing but did not have an ending so I needed the manga and it did not disappoint. I am not going to say Deadman Wonderland is the best critically acclaimed manga, however out of everything I have read so far I enjoyed it enough to make my list.

The premise is so cool and unique. A prison where people can go like an amusement park and watch the bad criminals die in inhumane ways. Ganta is blamed for the murder of his entire class and sent to this prison. They have sensors on their necks where if they do not follow rules it will explode… Then there is this mysterious girl in a jumpsuit who appears randomly, eats a lot of food, and is extremely strong when she wants to be. On top of all this there is an underground fighting ring with peoples called deadmen who control blood where the punishment is the removal of a limb.

The action scenes in this manga with blood fighting is really cool mixed with the rich people cheering for the deadmen to die makes for a dark scenery. The characters are all very unique and share the common goal of taking over the corrupt prison. The crazy characters, amazing action, plot twists, and general unsettling mood of the manga make this a great read! Rating (9/10). P.S. Crow is my favorite 🙂

Thank you for reading! Tune in next to see popular anime and manga I have dropped….

My Top 5 Manga/Anime

Time to judge! If you are going to read my views on manga/anime I feel it is right for you to understand my taste and as I said judge me…. I am ready

  1. Vinland Saga!

Coming in at number one is Vinland Saga. This show completely shocked me. I am not any sort of history buff or care about vikings in particular however after all of the praise I was seeing it get I decided to check it out. For anyone not familiar, Vinland Saga is about a young boy named Thorfinn and his journey into the viking world.

The animation style and sound are both beautiful however what I think makes the show so great is the enthralling story and dynamic characters. The story itself really takes you on a journey and leads you through many emotions. Sad deaths, powerful battles, religion, love, and comedy. It has everything!

As I mentioned before Vinland Saga has some of the most dynamic characters in any anime. The antagonist Askeladd is at the top of many peoples antagonists lists for the fact that you hate to love him. The growth and inner conflict in two other characters Canute and Thorfinn really get you invested into the story and make things realistic to the viewer. Most of the characters are even based off of real people in history! Needless to say, if you haven’t yet please go watch or read Vinland Saga!!! My dad also approves and he doesn’t even like anime haha! Rating (10/10)

2. Death Note!

Number two on my list should not surprise anyone… Death Note. Everyone in the anime scene has either seen this anime or knows all about it and for good reason. Psychological anime is my favorite genre and this show absolutely nails it. It was one of the first five anime I have ever watched and completely changed my mind on anime. I did not think any show or anime in general could be that clever and unique. I have changed many people into anime fans from telling them to watch death note. Light is one of my all time favorite characters and death note will always hold a special place in my heart. Rating (10/10)

3. Gurren Lagann!

As with Vinland Saga, I did not expect much going into Gurren Lagann. I am not really a fan of mech anime and I really did not even know what the series was about. On the surface it looks like a cool mech fighting anime however it goes much much deeper than that.

Gurren Lagann is set in a world where humans are forced to live underground in horrid conditions to stay away from the horrors on the surface. Two brothers Kamina and Simon escape and find out first hand how terrifying the surface is. Finding some survivors along the way the story follows a brutal fight for these characters to not only try to survive but take the surface back for humanity using mechs.

Yoko, Kamina, and Simon are all amazing characters that make you feel all of their feelings as well as the many supporting characters. The deaths of some of these characters hit me pretty hard and just reminded me how scary and powerful this situation is. All of that being said I highly recommend this anime! The ending was not my favorite and it is not the greatest story out there, but it is one of the few anime that will always stick in my mind and bring out certain emotions. Rating (9.5/10)

4. Monster!

Monster is one of the most well written stories/shows I have ever watched. I really wanted to get into this story so I watched the anime instead of getting the manga as everyone said the anime followed it pretty much perfectly. Urasawa who is the writer is a genius story teller and my favorite mangaka.

Monster tells the story of a surgeon who gets involved in a series of murders in which he knows who the killer is but nobody else is aware. The surgeon, Tenma goes on his own manhunt for this killer who is essentially a phantom and even has the viewer guessing if he is real or made up t some points. Tenma is one of the most generous, smart, and selfless characters I have ever seen. That contrasted with the antagonist, Johan, who is a top notch sociopath makes for a thrilling ride. Johan is my favorite antagonist in all of anime. He knows how to get his way in any situation and mold people to do things for him as he pleases. He seems to feel no emotion whatsoever. His eery messages to Tenma along with his seamless killing methods make him someone that will put fear into anybody but Tenma faces him head on.

The story can be very slow and tedious feeling at times however it is important for the feeling of the show and to shine light into the lives of supporting characters or Johan’s past which make the story that much better. I was always needing to see where the story would go next and it was never predictable. If you don’t mind slow burners if it means an amazing story then you need to go watch or read monster!! Rating (10/10)

5. Dororo

Last but not least is Dororo. As I like depressing and emotional stories Dororo is right up my alley. The series follows Hyakkimaru who was born with practically no living organs or limbs due to his father making a deal with demons. Hyakkimaru is sent adrift in a river only to happen upon a man willing to do everything to help this poor child live. With prosthetic limbs which can also be used as swords, he fights demons to get one of his limbs, senses, or organs back.

A young child named Dororo who seemingly has no family of her own befriends and takes interest in this mysterious man and goes on the adventure bringing a very heartwarming sibling bond into the show along with great action. Hyakkimaru along with getting his senses back starts learning more about being human from Dororo and caring for someone besides himself. The animation is beautiful and the intro is my favorite intro of all time! If anything check out that intro. Rating (9/10)

Thank you fro reading!! Next post will be my top 5 manga!

Intro and what to expect

Welcome! I am very excited to venture into the blogging world. I have been watching anime for about 5 years and collecting manga for one year. I currently have over 200 volumes. My goal for this blog is to have a place where I can share my opinions and experiences with people who love anime and manga just like me. I would love if you messaged me on Instagram and we can talk about the topics as well!

I am going to post weekly but do not have a set schedule at this point in time. I would like to post reviews, general discussions, updates on what I am reading and watching, and plenty more! With that being said thank you so much for checking out my blog and I hope you can find some enjoyment in my website!